God of the Gateway


The stars are these celestial beings spiraling above us at all hours of the day, singing hymns for the purpose of this universe. We are not unlike them, as we sing our own purpose too. With our passions and our hobbies, the way we meticulously trim grass or paint houses, we are adding to this kind of infinite chorus of the universe.

Each time you step out your front door the world changes, every time you make a decision it changes again. We live for this great meaning and yet so many of us don’t know our actual purpose.

There is a time and a place for all of us, it may not be today, it may not be next year, but every year that goes past we are given unlimited ways to build up and create our own life.

I like to think of it like this, at the onset of every morning, we are given a choice, stay in bed for a while and find the momentum to stand up, or stay there and rest. When we get up we have a handful of new choices to make. Shower, eat, get to work, play video games, paint, whatever the choice may be you have decided to move forward in one way or another. If you shower and eat, you are filling yourself with energy for the day. If you sit down to game for a while before jumping into your tasks, you are training your reflexes and hand eye coordination. If you read in the morning you are expanding your breadth of knowledge by a bit with every turned page.

Each action we make causes a new set of decisions to unfold before us. We can rarely choose multiple paths, lest we find ourselves overwhelmed by the pressure of completing many things at once. Of course this isn’t always the case and that idea is remarkable.

We can take on an infinite amount of tasks and jobs, or whatever the case may be. We will do many things in our lives but even if we stack up all of the things each of us chooses to do, let’s take the things we say, for example.

If we counted up on a celestial abacus all of the things each human that has ever existed has said, we still would not come close to the number of stars hanging in the sky above.

We are not infinite, not in our physical bodies, at least.

This also means we have been blessed with a kind of choose your own adventure that nothing else on earth is allowed to have. We can decide our own fate and our own destinies simply by the first choice of getting up in the morning. Having that kind of power is awe inspiring, isn’t it?

Within each of us there rests a small piece of something that another human needs to make it through the day. Encouragement, love, inspiration, a stern talking to. Everything we do, and I literally mean everything is watched by our peers. Every time I make a foolish decision, someone sees it and someone knows that I have done so, which will later on be used to see me in a different kind of light. When I do something that is encouraging or good for another, people will see that and they will likely turn around and do something the same for another.

We are linked together through this small connection, endless energy pouring out of our souls and into one another much like the stars that hand above us. Galaxies crash into each other the same way we meet people and become friends or partners or associates. We are all tiny galaxies adrift in the ever stretching galleon of space and time. A ship within a ship, I believe.

All of these choices we have to make, for good and for bad, come down to our own minds. Will we take up the honor of the stars and do everything in our power to love and uplift, or will we take a moment to consider that in a machine this large, nothing truly matters?

I think my answer is the former, and my response to the latter is this:

We were not built to be machines. We were built like trees. We grow upwards and our roots sink deep into the earth. We may leave our homes but those roots will always be there to feed us. My family will always support me, my friends will always be there for me. My life will always carry significant meaning because of the people that have crossed paths with me. All of these things rest in the end, on my shoulders.

I would much rather stand tall and stretch out, even on a lazy day, to be there when someone needs me than to sit idly by and watch as the world, as big and wondrous as it can be, still shake someone to the bones.

The world around us is a mean and nasty place sometimes. We know this right now more than we ever have, we can turn on any news station and see that this world is not what the peace bearing leaders of our past wanted it to be, so we should take up their mantle and fight.

Not with hands, but with words.

I believe in a God. This is not an unknown idea, and I believe this God did not design us to watch the world around us spiral out of control. I think our purpose is much grander than just picking up a passion, although important, I think we need to find our passion and use it to uplift, encourage, and to remind those around us that we are all just like stars. Each one of us twinkles in the night time, regardless of what we have done, there is purpose born into us.

We will never outgrow that, even those who choose not to use it.

The first step to all of this… is looking at the gateway before us and stepping through.

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It is.

I wanted to start this blog post by talking about all of these horrible things that have happened lately. A porn star who killed herself, friends who lost their grandparents and mothers. The racial tension in my country. The religious warring in the Middle East, the school shooting in New Mexico.

I wanted to, but I won’t.

I have this tendency to focus in on the bad things, if only for a short moment. I focus on job rejections, I hold on to manuscript rejections with the intent to put them in frames later in life when I’m successful so I can remember where I came from. I focus on those emails or letters and bleed out all of that anger into a new manuscript, which may be rejected. I focus on the bad side of a mixed message sooner than I even hear the good side. It’s a tendency we are all capable of. We are all a victim to.

We live in a world where media and information is processed so quickly that we only have a short about of time to dwell on something before something new comes along and invades the space between our thoughts. In a few days, the news of a school shooting will disappear and no one will talk about it because there will be something new to talk about. A new sexual assault allegation, a new religious war, a new person dead in the arms of their loved ones and with that notion, I wonder.

How long has it been since we have seen wonder?

I don’t mean something wonderful, although those things are often one and the same.

I mean wonder. The word, defined, is a feeling of surprise mixed with admiration at something beautiful or inexplicable.

Do you know how snowflakes form in the sky above?

Tiny ice crystals the float in the sky above when the air is cold, they collide and stick together and eventually they grow heavy enough to fall to the surface of the earth and stick there.

Do you know how supermassive black holes are formed?

Potentially, they came from super massive stars, powered by dark matter that eventually collapsed in upon themselves and swallowed the matter whole. Leaving nothing there but the immense pull of gravity, sucking the light into it.

Do you ever think about these things and give yourself a moment to ponder just how big and powerful the universe we are living within really is?

Each passing second there are things happening inside of your own body that you are completely unaware of. Cells are dividing and dying and multiplying so that over time, eventually you will be a new you. A version of you that is untouched by the harmful hands of life, the scars that you have gained will grow weary and thin, some of them fading out forever.

Beneath the surface of the ocean, deep down in the darkness of the sea there are creatures with ugly faces who do amazing things for the ecosystem. Wolves can transform the surface of the land and the world as you know it will continue to spin around and around.

If I were the man I thought I wanted to be, I would take this moment to tell you that nothing you do today or any day in the future will leave a lasting impact on the world around you because it will still spin. There will still be snow, there will still be black holes.

But I am not that man.

Today I stepped out of my apartment to go to lunch with my friends and saw the melting snow on the ground shining in the sunlight. The bitter air snipped at my exposed flesh, trying its best to leave wounds. I couldn’t stop looking at the small piles of snow that have been left over, most of them smashed from the people living here walking to their vehicles and going about their daily routine. To work or school or their friends’ houses. I don’t know where they go and I don’t need to, to understand what the snow was lying on the ground for.

Each moment in this universe, every passing nanosecond we are presented with chances and opportunities and decisions that we make on a second to second basis without barely a consideration of the result. Of course, some things, the obvious things we must identify and adhere to, large decisions like home ownership, parenthood and our careers. Still, I choose to walk to my truck a certain way. I choose to park in a certain parking space. I choose to pick up my pen and I choose to use it in accordance with this philosophy.

I could do nothing. I could fall into the routine of doing what I have done for years, the same way every day and without care because it will not ultimately impact the course of my life.

If I drink six cans of Pepsi a day, I will get fat. That is inevitable. If I take the same path to work every day, people along that path will begin to notice my vehicle and somewhere within their minds make note of that drive. 12:40 every day a maroon truck drives down Sage Street headed towards the college. The driver is wearing grey and blue headphones and singing lout and sometimes out of key in the cab of the truck. It may be carrying snow, but usually it is just letting a surplus of air spill out of the bed as he drives.

I can do every single thing the same and come to find that I will expect the results, but what if we changed our habits one moment at a time?

Instead of parking right next to the door of the grocery store, park far away. It may have little effect on your own life, but a woman with bad hips may need that parking space close to the doors because it is cold and she is having trouble getting around.

You may not need to save twenty dollars so you consider spending it on a meal or a movie. If you save that money, maybe a twenty dollar need will arise in your future.

You don’t need to say the things you say, but you do. But what if you didn’t?

The whole world will continue to revolve around you whether you choose to let it or not, we are not that powerful, but we are powerful enough to make an impact.

If an asteroid is headed into our atmosphere, a proposed plan to deflect it is to paint it with tiny paintballs, diverting the energy on one side to another. Of course, this would take a lot of paintballs and a lot of time, but theoretically it could be done.

I wonder some days if we are more like asteroids in how we interact with people. Do we allow ourselves to smash into them and make an impact that will leave them changed forever or do we push others away with paint that we have made, afraid of what they would do to us.

We can chip away at things slowly, it won’t hurt us.

The snow falls slowly, flake by flake it collects on the ground until we are left the following morning to look at a blanket of frozen white shards, refracting colors across is surface. The fact that snow can glow in broad daylight leaves something to be said about our world, doesn’t it?

I would assume, by now, that I’ve run out of metaphors for what I’m saying and I can tell you, I’m not.

This world will spin no matter what you do, so I want to pose the question…

Why do anything other than everything in your power to live a good life.

You are in full control of only one thing on this giant rotating marble,


So you are the only one who can change your situation. Good or bad, it will always come back to your choices. You are your whole world. You are the one who is growing new cells every day. The choices you made seven years ago don’t define who you are today,

And that is amazing, isn’t it?

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Embalming Us


Have you ever wrapped yourself up in the sunlight and just thought for a few seconds about where we are in life? With all of that warmth around us, healing us, protecting us as if it were linen cloth.

The sun, as much as I hate it, is an integral part of our existence. We need it in order for everything around us to thrive and continue to exist. As is with all of the stars, they are blinding and beautiful. We have always had a fascination with the stars, as long as we have existed as a civilization. We want to know what is out there. We want to see them, to harness their energy.

When I think of the stars, I think of Pharaohs. I couldn’t tell you when or how that association came to exist within me but it has been there as long as I can remember. Perhaps it has to do with the whole royalty thing, or maybe that Egypt is blazing hot all the time. I couldn’t tell you.

I think that all too often we start to feel like Pharaohs, we get a bit ahead of ourselves and begin to swing our scepter around thinking it is made of gold. I know I’m guilty of it frequently. One or two good things will come along and suddenly I start acting like people should bow down around me. This change in attitude frustrates me and then evolves into me just being angry because I got cocky about where I’m at.

So then I’m pissed for a day because I acted outside of the person I’m trying to be. It wasn’t until a couple days ago that I was thinking about my recent attitudes and habits and realized that a ton of things are changing. My living situation, again, friends are moving, getting into serious relationships, we are getting settled into our careers and I subconsciously think that I’m behind or something, for some silly reason.

It forced me to go from Pharaoh to slave real fast.

It’s crazy how quickly our mind can completely change itself and how strong our thoughts can be. I was enjoying my day at work a few days back and someone said one thing and I let my mind control me for the rest of the day without doing anything to stop it. It is so silly and I don’t understand when I let my mind have that control back.

I am no slave to my own mind. I am no slave within it. I am a Pharaoh. I am the Polar Bear King. I am the Aethermind. I am so much more than just a puppet being controlled by others words and emotions.

You are too. Don’t let the things other people say influence you. They don’t matter.

You are the sun.

You are the stars.

You are Pharaohs.

Eventually you will need to step outside and remember that things are going to be okay. No matter who you are fighting with, no matter who you haven’t spoken to, no matter what is going on in your life. You can fix it. Just step outside, let the sun wrap its arms around you and close your eyes. All Pharaohs were embalmed.

Embalm yourself in kindness and love. There is no better way to be remembered.