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Politics has too much power anymore.



I’ve removed the alterations to President Trump’s name, i.e. Desert Ogre, Ol’ Trumby, Turnip, and Frump, among others. The purpose of this blog post was to be an experiment. Through the entirety of this blog post, I’ve not insulted the man one time. I’ve only described him with a handful of nicknames, mostly pulled from memes I’ve seen online. In the end, it diverted the overall goal of the blog post. Which I don’t intend to do.

In a post that seems to have been deleted recently, I watched two friends clash against one another about the policies of Donald Trump.

Though I need to recall the information from the top of my head, I still remember the gist of what they said to one another. The original post was about respecting the man in the white house, regardless of who he is or what he says. That Trump is doing everything he can and so on, your general image in support of the MAGA camp.

What I noticed immediately, is how much the post had flared with comments back and forth. One girl, who I know was a past friend to the OP in which she said “Block Me.” With a couple emojis tagged on to the end, you know, for emphasis.

As a person who feeds off of it, no matter how surreptitiously, I enjoy watching internet arguments and gossip unfold online because it is such an invasive and open form of communication. People’s lives have been ruined simply because of the things said online to another, and it is on display for the entire world if we know where to look.

Of course, I gave in to my desire to read about this post and scanned through a catalogue of messages in which the primary replier was focused on how terrible Trump is, noting the things he has said to people and the way he’s reacted to events around the world over the course of his life. Unafraid to pepper her comments generously with clear distaste for “anyone who supports such a disgusting and vile monstrosity.” As she put it.

OP wasn’t much better, her initial image and stance were built around ignoring the way Trump speaks and the policies that he pushes, as if she was sounding off alongside the numbers of those who will blindly support a leader regardless of their position of power.

I’m going to be clear as can be regarding Trump + my own personal opinion.

I don’t like him as a person. I think he is brash and speaks with an uncalculated tongue. He gives me creepy uncle vibes and I don’t see eye to eye with him politically either. Those are just my tastes on his personality. Regarding politics, I think that in the world of business ventures, he knows what he is doing. Trump runs multimillion dollar companies around the world, and like many people choose to bring to attention, he has bankrupted four of them, which, if your total business repertoire stands within the hundreds, I think having four or five failures is nothing to scoff at. Of course, the reason Trump draws so much negative attention is because of the things he says. Not necessarily his policies. Of course, that is to the tongues of our internet prophets. As for his border policy, his taxation and healthcare policies, I agree with some parts, I disagree with others. I’ve viewed each of the major proposals myself that have come up and I’ve reached my own conclusions. I won’t waste time going in depth in regard to this, because this isn’t about Trump. Not today. Maybe later, look for a blog post named “Orange Ogre Fetish”

Until then, I want to ask those of you who have investigated the hearts of others, divining their purpose and identity in life based on their support of a presidential candidate or political ambassador.

Those who’ve progressed to a point of human evolution which has granted you the unique yet powerful ability to debase an entire life on the decision to support or deny the authority of a political position.

What saddens me about the exchange from earlier is that this isn’t the first time this has happened. I’ve watched friendships be ripped apart because two people disagreed on the support of Trump. My question is this:

How can you be so afraid of a single man you would give him that much power?

To rob a man of power, you must first realize that he is only as powerful as you allow him to be. To the citizens of America, the President, no matter his ideology or standing, is only as strong as we allow him to be. A president is simply not all we make them out to be.

In a position to command respect? Of course.

I can respect lots of people and disagree with them about everything. I can understand that they are doing what they think is right by opposing Trump. My reasoning for disliking Trump stems almost entirely from his actions on the internet, especially Twitter. If we were to remove his Twitter rants and belligerent social media presence, we would find much less to prop against him in the way of a leader.

Of course, this isn’t how the internet works.

As long as there is a bit of wallpaper to adhere to the paint, we will always be scratching for another flake to rip away. This happens every day with people who abuse their children and the piles of garbage who deem themselves worthy of another’s body regardless of their consent. The internet has spoiled the lives of young men and women who otherwise wouldn’t have been accused of the horrible things they did. I am proud of us for that.

What I am not proud of, however, is the way we are letting one wrinkly old man command so much of our day to day lives.

Friends of mine who were once upstanding individuals filled with generosity and a yearning desire to help those less fortunate then they are have devolved since the results of the election. What was once a bastion of hope in a dark time has evolved to a slobbering monster, unsure of their own identity and incapable of accepting the differences of their peers. Incapable of understanding that there are plenty of people in the world who have made mistakes.

Was voting for Trump a mistake? Perhaps. Was screaming at your neighbor and ripping apart their Trump sign a mistake? I’d say so.

I can hear the echoes of those in the distance, preparing pitch forks and daggers to come and breach my household and tell me that Trump is a symbol for the dark underbelly of America.

I could agree with that. He represents something I don’t agree with:

The endless quest for gold and riches. Whatever his intention with those precious jewels is, I will never know.

But I think the problem with Trump and the state of my America today is much deeper than just one man. It goes back to Bernie’s  unjust treatment amid the primary. It goes back to the rising racial tensions during Obama’s presidency. It goes back to Bush Jr. and the shockwave felt around the states as the events of 9/11 unfolded around us.

We have long been breeding this hatred of one another.

Since before I was born, the world has been seeking to rend itself apart. One unit into two, into four and it will continue so long as we allow these men in power to control the world around us.

(By that, I mean our personal lives. Our day to day interactions, not the literal mechanics of the worlds we live in. Of course, they change those.)

What I’m getting at, is this:

Even if you think Ol’ Trumby to be the vilest human being in the world, even if your blood boils at the sound of his name. Even if you fantasize about his impeachment with erotic fervor…

Your relationships with others are not always less important.

Of course, it should go without being said (but it won’t) that if you find you’ve been in league with someone who is ACTUALLY racist, and is ACTUALLY evil, you should speak your piece and step away. Most of the time, in my experience, it hasn’t been that way. I’ve watched Trump stans be stripped of their friends and family, simply for the fact that they support him. I’ve seen the Resistance fledglings cast away any love they had for friends in favor of their hatred for a wrinkled old bastard with skin like citrus rind.

I ask you, is that a way to live? For those of us who regularly speak and preach on the efforts of goodwill and peace and especially love, is it right for you to abandon your covenants of friendship in favor of your hatred for another?

Trump is not that powerful, don’t make him that powerful. Next time you consider unleashing a cannonade of insults and disrespect upon a friend who nothing has done but express their opinion (in either direction, this isn’t a one-sided issue) consider asking yourself a question first. Especially if you are in the camp that believes we should be saving the lives of these people that Trump’s immigration laws are affecting because they are people, with feeling and emotion just like the rest of us…

Is it right to forgo love, that you grew within your heart, for hate, that was handed to you on a platter covered in money?

Dark Days Ahead


The other day I was at a restaurant I like to frequent with a couple of my good friends. We had embarked on this in depth conversation about religion, life, sexuality, misogyny, basically, if BuzzFeed has published a shitty halfcocked article about it in the last five years we likely had a discussion over it.

As the week passed and I considered what I would put into this post, I decided that I’d talk about that particular night and how I saw my own arrogance reflected in someone else.

We were talking about homosexuality when it happened. A couple weeks ago I was talking about sexuality with a handful of coworkers who, (sarcastically) asked if I was gay. I took it seriously and explained that no, I’m not gay, I just have standards so high that I think no living woman would meet them. I’m working on it.

That comment eventually evolved into talk about sexuality and what defines us in those terms when another friend said that she didn’t think so because I’m never even trying to date the women she sees me with.

Well, no. They are my friends.

It seems to me that we have forgotten the divide between friendship and romantics. Just because you have friends that are pretty girls does not mean you should constantly be willing to sleep with them. There’s no point in that. (Moving on, this isn’t the point.)

As we were talking about sexuality and romance, I was saying that I believe the gay marriage battle had gone on for way longer than it needed to. There were so many people who were so adamantly against it, vowing to never support or respect it and here they are after it had been made legal saying “oh, okay, I guess it’s fine.”

With the way some of these people fought against it you would think that they were going to war. If this was WWII, and Germany just trampled over your country and took it over would you just say “oh, okay, I guess that’s fine.”?

No. So that means that likely, you either decided it wasn’t worth the fight cause it doesn’t matter to you, or you decided that you really were okay with it. Either way, great.

See, people like to make assumptions. Most people when hearing the piece I just rattled off (or anything similar) will stop me at about halfway through to remind me that I am a *deep breath*


Instead of hearing me out and letting me get through the statement they would just assume I am the worst version of a person they can think of in that moment. That moment, incidentally, is the moment that we fall off of the tightrope.

As I began my story, I was at this restaurant with my friends and the conversation had turned to homosexuality and gay marriage. I began a similar monologue (because that’s really most of what I say, unfortunately.) about how gay marriage was drug through the mud to keep us distracted by the other shit that was happening oin our government, same with the Trans bathroom deal. Neither of those things should really be the main focus of the Natl. Govt. yet here they were, keeping people out of bathrooms and stopping my coworker from getting married in Nevada. (Lest we forget this was happening while everyone in the executive branch was going through with shady war deals and blatantly lying to the public. Some things never change.)

I started of the midpoint of my professor-like lecture by saying “I think that the gay marriage debate was too played out. You are who you are, be who you are. I don’t have a problem with you…” But before I could finish my statement with “…just as long as you know what you want and are happy with yourself. I support your ability to choose, it doesn’t and will not affect me.” Fate dealt me a blow…

It seems that the full moon breached through a crack in the roof above me and shone onto my skin, provoking my transformation from Alva Tobias, the fun loving boy plagued by the desire to see people be happy and have fun to the gnarled, neck-haired beast. I transformed from myself and became what I fear the most…


A bigoted misogynistic, wildly homophobic, ego self-centric Zionist, black wizard hateful braggart Christian, dragon dildo salesman fighting for the advancement of the techno warlock population in association with the KKK, white supremacy, and Nazism, brought to you at the hands of Donald Trump dick lotion.


Thank god there was a fearless warrior there to save my friends from my homophobic toxicity that I was about to spew with VITRIOL out of my dumb face. There was a kind and graceful woman sitting behind us who had just so happened to bring her silver bullets that evening. She turned around and with nothing but grace and poise totally lost her DAMN MIND on me in the middle of the restaurant, saying that I needed to take the conversation elsewhere and that I don’t have consideration for other people in public and that what I was saying was horrible. Okay, I reasoned with myself, watching her heart bleed profusely. Maybe I was being loud, maybe they have a thing against gay people. I couldn’t be sure. I’ll be quieter.

“I should have you know, my grandson is gay.”

Oh no, she evidently doesn’t have a problem with gay people she is just CRAZY.

Afterwards, I let her know that if she was in a public place she should expect people to say things that she disagrees with, she should also perhaps listen to what people are saying, all of the conversation, before chiming in and letting her arrogance show. (Vividly.)

Not only was I pissed that she was trying to use her gay grandson as some kind of badge of honor, which is a whole other blog post to itself, but she was completely ignorant to what I was saying and evidently had no desire to be less ignorant about it.

Which is what brings me to this post today. My friends and I picked up, paid for the meals and left, laughing about the scenario after my adrenaline cooled off. (I was furious with her at the start there.)

Then I realized that she had fallen off of the tightrope long before I had run into her. She was plummeting to the bottom of an endless purple pit.

I have a question for you to ponder, about political ideals…

Have you ever taken two colors of ink, combined them and then tried to take those two mixed colors apart and return them to their original state? Like… perhaps, red and blue?

I’ve long held the belief that we shouldn’t strive to align completely with one side. I think we should look critically at all angels of any given spectrum, be it sexuality or politics, even religion. What I think we have run into is a mass of people trying desperately to separate the ink that they have let mix because now things are so polarized. It is either a trend to support trump, or a cardinal sin. It is either red or blue, there seems to be less and less common sense, less and less balance as the days go onward.

That breaks my heart. I would much rather all of us be purple and hanging on the tightrope together, rather than watching each other fall into the pit, our ending there easy to decipher.

An internet friend of mine named Clash summed up everything I’ve been thinking of in one quote last night, I’m going to paraphrase him here but his actual quote was much more succinct.


“The choice should not be blue or red. It should be liberty, or death.”


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Bloody Knuckles, Bloody Dress – Poem


This February I’ll be starting a mini series of poems, this is the first of them. The whole series is going to deal with politics and concepts that are of particular interest to me and especially things that are hard to admit. Some of the poems will blend together, others will be standing alone as single poems put together to form a larger picture. This is the first in a cycle of three, Bloody Knuckles, Bloody Dress (King of the Ring Pt.1)

2017.2.1- Bloody Knuckles Bloody Dress KotR 1.jpg

I hope you enjoyed the poem today! If you’re interested in any of my other projects, check out to get news on more poetry, my YouTube channel and my books! (If you’d like to order a copy of Mean Shadows you can order from my website too!) Thanks for reading, I’ll be back next week with another poem. If you liked this or want to see more, remember to follow my blog and to share the posts. It helps out a ton + I’ll love you forever for doing so. 🙂