Domino xx


2017.11.8- Domino xx

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Cartoon Devils (Poem)


I’ve been dealing with a lot of ink lately.

Painting these crazy things on paper for ya.

The hippy embraced the monster.

Your past mistakes do not define you.

Create something new, horrific, beautiful, fantastic or inspiring. You have it within you today.

2017.8.9- Cartoon Devils.jpg

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Blessing of the Vampire (Poem)


My first poem back in a while.

You ever think about living forever?

That’s the kind of thing I’m shooting for.

You’re always gonna get to come back to my words.

2017.8.2- Blessing of the Vampire.jpg

Don’t forget! New blog post this Friday + a Badass NEW YOUTUBE VIDEO.

❤ Shit I love y’all.

Horizon (Poem)


I found her, Lydia, the final piece of the puzzle.

Her sisters were nothing in comparison.

Chewing through all she gave me broke my jaw.

Fighting back my heart snapped my ribs.


Lydia, you are d|v|ne.


2017.6.28- Horizon.jpg

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