Each year of the blog, as I’m sure you’ve come to know follows a loose theme. The “Movement” as it’s been nicknamed, details the general theme of the blog. Earlier posts were much looser in this definition than more recent posts, but that being said, Each one is particular to that chosen theme.

Those themes are as follows…




Last Words

Inspired loosely by Season 6, Episode 14 of How I Met Your Mother. The last thing you say to someone should be something good. Kindness, uplifting gestures, love, leave every moment you can with positivity because we all will disappear one day, and none of us know when.

Happy People Over Everything

Inspired loosely by a rap song I was a fan of years ago, FFOE by Big Sean (Finally Famous Over Everything) I was inspired to create this movement, without the desire to be mega famous or rich, I started this blog and continue to write it to this day for a singular purpose: To make people happy, over everything else.

Fighting Dragons

Inspired by high fantasy and the ultimate struggle of good vs. evil, I created this movement to combat a growing unhappiness inside myself, as the year progressed I spoke about ways to combat that darkness inside you too, to fight against the outward evils, or Dragons that rear their heads to breathe fire upon you and turn your hopes to cinder. I learned how to use my words as a weapon for love and happiness, to turn the pen into a blade and slay my monsters. I tried as hard as I could to help you along the same path.

Noose Ends

Inspired by the powerful imagery of a noose, I was considering one day what it would be like if I simply stopped existing. Not because I was threatening or thinking of taking my own life, but I was filled with morbid curiosity for knowledge regarding a life in which I wasn’t present. How much would have changed without my darkness taking hold on those around me. Much of what I wrote that year entailed combating the darkness within each of us and turning that blade upon ourselves so that we can untie the noose and step away from the killing reflections we see within ourselves.

Building Pyramids

Inspired by the marvel of the Egyptian Pyramids, I took the newfound hope that I had discovered within myself and took to building something of myself. Perhaps the most impactful and straining movement to my psyche, I worked tirelessly to create something that came from deep within my mind. Believing that I had silenced all of the monsters inside and outside of me, I chose to build something grand as a testament to my acts of pride. I wanted to teach all of you how to do the same thing.

Umbral Dawning

Inspired by the solar eclipse, I considered those brief moments in the sunlight where the clouds or the moon obscures our light source and I thought about my past decisions regarding my business, I looked deep within myself and came to terms with the reality that I had not killed off the things that I allowed to torment me, and instead of working so desperately to keep them silent I embraced them, turning the woes of those monsters into fuel for a fire that began burning, and won’t stop. A testament to the darkness within each of us, and how we can still find a ring of light around it.

Gravity, My Enemy is not like other blogs.

I’ve been racking my brain trying to describe what my goal on this site is. I know it inside of me, but I’ve never been able to put it to words. Until now.

This blog is a snapshot in my day to day life. Each message I send, whether poetry or non-fiction writing is a small piece of what I see on a day to day basis, and that’s well enough. It’s clear that it is, I imagine. But that doesn’t answer the question of the movements.

Each movement is a chapter of my own personal life, where you see the ups and downs and the things I face, but it didn’t start that way when GME was just a wee babe I simply wrote for the sake of writing. I needed to get my emotions out on something other than myself. It was beginning to feel unhealthy. Then I realized that exposing my own personal struggles connected with people in a way I didn’ think that it would. I didn’t know my personal trials would affect you so greatly. I didn’ know that the problems I faced were problems that you faced too.

So that is where I realized the purpose of the movements. These chapters are here for all of us, forever, to go back through when they want to seek inspiration or find hope. If you are going through today what I went through three years ago, you can find that here. You can see those feelings within me and you can find how I escaped them. That’s what this blog is for.

It is for you. Whoever you are.

Each movement of GME is meant for you, whenever you need it. Today, tomorrow, a decade from now, it will be here.

I promise.