I’ve been writing for quite some time now, and that writing has grown and changed and manifested itself into this massive project that even I was unaware I was capable of. With the advent of such a massive project, I had a hard time getting it all out into the air where it deserves to be.

It’s a pretty common thing for aspiring writers, I’ve come to see. We have these grand ideas that are unstoppable in our heads but when we sit before the blank walls of white on our computers we start to falter. We wonder if the thing we are writing is worthy of publication. The small ethereal fear that our ideas are silly or unfounded begins to grow until it has a spine and a few pairs of devilish claws and that little monster rakes at the back of our heads until we can no longer breathe. I am well acquainted with the little one.

I wrote like the wind and found myself six years and seven novels later with a hunger still. I’ve spoken to you at extreme length about future plans for the novels and how I’ve pulled them back to rework them and put out something I can be proud of, and that is still the case for those first two. “The Darling Bones” was my debut, and it was a magnificent learning experience. Among the many lessons I learned, I discovered that I am not necessarily a great editor. I am however, dedicated to getting better all the time. My second novel, “Mean Shadows” was a passion project I had dedicated to my friends. A sort of signal fire I had lit to show those in my life that I was working hard and doing something worthwhile. I talk about those novels most often because those novels are extremely meaningful to me. They marked the beginning of this journey that I have not nearly understood enough.

The thing about writing, and about writing honestly, is that you come to know parts of you that you’d rather forget. I’ve always believed the solemn work of an artist is to scrutinize themselves to a fault and then show those faults with pride. We are capable of such feats because we are proud of them. In some way, my setbacks and failures have become my greatest accomplishments because I can look back and tell you what I learned.

But I have five more novels that have yet to see the light of day. Five more stories with characters I’ve grown to love, places I’ve loved to grow and in each of them there rests a small piece of me. At times as you read through this blog you may see me speak as if I am not myself. Which is accurate. There is some part of me, the one who writes all of these things, that is not exactly me. I mean, it is. I do not change, but the things my mind creates are not simply thoughts and expressions. They are fragments of my heart and soul and I relish in the journey of their creation. Sometimes those creations are parts of me that I did not know I held.

The greatest joy in being an artist comes from the surprise of each new discovery about myself.

I’ve always done my best work in the midst of chaos, when I am nearly out of time and have no plan of action. When I am pressed against a wall with only one way out, I seem to always fight hardest then. Much like the characters I’ve written, I am a fragment of so many things. I know a few authors and musicians and the like who have a difficult time separating themselves from their work, and that is a feeling that rests within my heart always.

I am inside every word I write, and when you take those words and read them, you are reading me. Perhaps a part of me I don’t know so well, but it is me somehow nonetheless.

Which is why when my first novel became a single part of a much larger working machine I held my breath, unsure of what I really wanted to do. The sheer size of this universe was daunting. Dabilitating, at times, but I felt something inside of it that I couldn’t explain. A sort of quiet storm. All of me, in tiny fragments, was reflected in this work that I created and am still creating. I am a being of confusion and chaos, and I am in love with that aspect of me. Even if I don’t understand it.

When I was in elementary school, my best friend once asked me what it would look like if we could see inside two mirrors that had pressed up against one another. We postulated that we would need light, and any light source we could find wouldn’t let the mirrors rest perfectly against one another, and the question was never answered. It is a question that I was afraid I’d never find the answer to and yet…

here I am.

I have been releasing short stories and small snippets of lore from my universe to give you a taste of what is to come. The first piece among them was “A Glass Container” within the pages of the Grimoire of Finality. It told of the god I created and his first moments with the universe I would soon create through him. This place that is like our own, but still so different. Where magic is tangible and monsters are hiding in the shadows. Not unlike real life, I suppose.

It is the nature of creation.

It took me nearly twenty years to understand that the answer to our curiosity from so long ago was easily answered.

When you press two panes of a mirror against one another, and the reflect each other eternally, what lies within?

Everything and nothing, all at once.

It is like seeing into somewhere you know, and some otherwhere that you don’t. It is seeing gods and angels and alchemists and hunters, it is a machine hell bent on destruction and it is children falling in love. It is tragedy and it is loss and it is the sundering of lifelong dreams. It is creation and destruction for the sake of nothing more than sheer will. It is a mystery to all but the one holding the two shards of mirror together.

It is somehow safe and strange terrain all at the same time… and it is beautiful.

Welcome to the Otherwhere.

A place between two mirrors. A place where the world is alive and breathing just as much as I am, and yet, appears lifeless until it is met with wandering eyes and hopeful hearts. It is unexplored, and filled with wild imaginings. It is somewhere away from here, in a place too distant to describe, but for me, it is home.

Truly, it is an odd sight, but one I am certain you will grow to love.


Tales of the Otherwhere is where you will find the collected writings of my universe. Each story you find there is added to the canon of the world I am creating, and I will be adding more and more to it as the days pass. This is the Discovery of the Airsoul has revealed. Tales and warnings and excitement to the bone. It is the beginning of the greatest thing you will ever see.

That much, I am sure of.

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