Symphony of Eyes (Who watches us?)

Life is+ 2019

Day 22.

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I’ve heard a lot of gossip lately, and I’ve repeated some of it even. Some of that gossip has even gotten back to me in a new way, and I am constantly reminded of the power our words hold.

Use your words with care.

They are always watching.



They are everywhere.

Peering into us from the corners of streets, on the other side of bookshelves they watch and inspect us, just beyond our sight. They stay out of sight for a reason, too. They don’t want to be found. They would rather watch us in our frailty and witness our shortcomings than to observe us in a controlled location. Control is the enemy of reality to them.

But what amount of human existence is really controlled? Every moment we are under new stresses or excitements, the thumb of the seconds changing pulls us through a myriad of emotions and those emotions dictate our reactions.

Or do they?

I’ve been researching them lately, those shadows with bright eyes that I’ve found watching myself and others. They seldom like to be caught. Their impression of us solid as concrete as they watch us go back on something we’ve said or speak out an untruth. I’ve begun to notice that they feed on those moments from us. They wait until we falter, and they drink the resulting nectar of what will soon nurture gossip.

They come in the form of friends and family whose ways are tainted already. They attach themselves to those who are searching for our failures before they happen. Those people who prey on our setbacks and struggles. These beings make hosts of them, and they can travel from one place to another through this method.

I haven’t found a quantifiable reason for their existence, it would require much more research. For now, however, I can safely say that they are semi-hostile. These beings do not attack on sight. They prefer to observe and watch. As if their manner of war is intellectual. They spread gossip through tiny mouths to ruin reputations and morale. They impress lies upon those around us for the purpose of removing us from our position of peace.

They are vile and sinister creatures.

But I think I’ve found a method of waging war in return.

First, you must be vigilant. Watch what you say and what you do. Their biology indicates that their primary method of observation is their multiple glowing eyes, but that isn’t all. A field researcher found one that had been dead for a while, out in a field. All of our information has come from the autopsy of this particular beast. Take nothing I say as gospel.

Their bulbous heads are covered in glowing yellow eyes, I counted at least twenty eight that were open. Fifteen which were not. The eye in the center of what appeared to be their face was the largest, it had been dried up and crusted over. There were no pupils that I could find on the surface. On each side of its head, nearly in the same location as humans, there were two small ears. After we made our preliminary observation on their form, we opened it’s skull and continued researching. Through this research we discovered that it harbored two small ears, intricate devices even by our standards. We did what we could to replicate the mechanism mechanically and discovered that it could amplify sounds. Likely why we discovered weeks ago that even whispered rumors were still heard by the beasts. They were build, or perhaps evolved to absorb information.

Which leads me to the strange circumstances regarding the death of the beast we had found.

It had starved.

Observation of these creatures has shown us that they consume information and escape without being seen. Their wallowing in the shadows is their method of hunting, and they’ve nearly perfected it. Their ability to seek out gossip and mistruth is astounding, but what is much more fascinating is that the discovery of these morsels of information sates their hunger. The only mouth I could find was small, protruding from just behind the base of their skull. It seemed to serve no purpose that we’d seen before. It held no teeth, no tongue. But it was connected to a throat.

This particular creature was found with nothing inside of its stomach, and it showed traditional signs of starvation. Emaciated appearance, degradation of musculature. Distended gall bladder and bowels. Their small lungs were collapsed and likewise emaciated. Their inner tissue covered with a thin, paper-like substance. Likely caused by dehydration. Their skin was inelastic and difficult to move. Otherwise, the body had barely been touched. In many cases when a corpse lies in the desert for any amount of time, carrion birds or carnivorous scavengers find it and use what scraps are left as a meal. This was not the case; the being didn’t have any sort of exterior wounds that hadn’t been caused by their starvation.

Something remarkable is how much muscle these beings actually contain. Their large heads rest upon notably thin frames. Their arms and legs barely as large as that of a child. Which incredibly long, they don’t seem to develop much muscle as their primary survival tactics don’t require them to been powerful. They require them to be smart. We’ve established as a group that these beings have evolved greatly since their first generation. Notes from prior experimentation in the 1800’s had been uncovered when these creatures had first been captured. Though rudimentary compared to our practices today, the evidence of change within the beings was remarkable.

They seemed to have mutated, I’d barely call it evolution. The process had changed much too quickly. From prior notes, we found that they once had operated with less eyes and larger ears. Likely because their primary consumption wasn’t from the sight of what others were doing, but rather, talk of what others were doing. As the times changed and we became more of a visual species, especially through the advent of mobile devices and other visual technology, these beasts changed in response. If this was a manner of evolution, a living subject may need to be acquired for further study. I’ve noted as such.

Regardless, upon further inspection of the creature, we’ve determined it to have pads that are placed on the palm of each of its multiple hands. Their bodies each display four lengthy arms, attached to gangly hands. No fingernails grow there, as is on their feet. Their roughly humanoid shape seemed a grand disproportion to their limbs, and as I observed the corpse on our table, it only seemed more out of place.



Our final analysis is as such:

These creatures display a ravenous desire to consume information. They harvest it visually or audibly from their victim at no immediate harm to the victim. They stay out of sight when hunting, come of them have exhibited the ability to cling to the backs of humans without their knowledge. It is unknown how they achieve this. Notes from a celebrity colleague of our institution make remarks to such evidence, as well as two photos that crudely depict the creature hanging from the back of a friend. At the time, she noted that they were having lunch after her friend’s husband had been caught cheating.

In each of our own lives, we’ve seen one or more of these specimen, though they prefer to stay out of sight, they are capable of hiding during their meals. There is no known camouflage other than their dark skin which allows them to blend into shadows. Their mouths are of little effect that we have seen.

In conclusion, these creatures seem to pose no real threat to you, but the institution suggests that you remain vigilant and aware of your actions. In case you find yourself in the audience of one of these beings, it is too late. Consider what you had just said or written to someone and make appropriate adjustments. They feed primarily on rumors and mistruth. If you are guilty of spreading misinformation, these creatures seem to remember. They tend to return to the same few individuals who are known to gossip. They are most often found in churches, diners and coffee shops, however there have been sightings in numerous other places, counted among them are individual homes, rehab clinics, law offices and insurance offices, as well as mechanic bays. The secondary list goes on, and to notate them all within our report would be meaningless.

If you feel the gossip rising on your tongue, be sure that the creature is not around you. It would be best, if you remained quiet. For your sake, and for ours.

We do not know what threat these creatures pose to us, but given the unique quality of their food, and their threatening presence in our day to day lives, the institution recommends that you be wary of the words you speak.

We do not know the impact that those words will have.

All risk remains upon your shoulders.

Thank you.



Thank you for reading along today.

Have you had a moment where you said something that you shouldn’t, and immediately realized that you shouldn’t say it? I’ve been there. I think we all have. Regardless…

We at the Institution are observing these creatures continually, and if something changes, we will update you.


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