Kings of Ice

Dearest Public…

I’ve been told that far to the south there is a King who has risen to power and his empire is running powerfully. I have been traveling for days now. With brief reprieve only to send these letters to you from the quiet comfort of sparse villages, I’ve come across.

I am unaccustomed to this type of living, since birth I’ve been washed over in splendor and offerings. As the only child to the King and Queen, and heir to the throne, I’ve lived such a privileged life. My duties overshadowed by my desire only to relax. I’ve since realized I’ve come to the habit of rushing through my noble work in order to spend time out where I am not always needed. My own desires have come to the forefront of what would be my reign.

I cannot allow that.

I am the only heir to this throne, and so I’ve sought out the King to the South, there, I will have hopefully found an answer for you. They call him a Cold King, this Ursus. However, when they say cold, they don’t seem to mean it in a bad way. Where I come from, I’ve heard only terrible things about the bad weather. When the leaves fall from trees and the snow blankets our castle, I’ve only heard complaints.

These people seem to regard the cold with a kind of honor I am unaccustomed to. The mere reality that the frigid air is there they take joy in. Their struggles to complete their work are of no issue to them. The depths of the snow banks are a joy to them because it means that they are alive to see the end of another year.

I wonder if they think as such because their King has shown them something I have not been shown?

I will update you when I arrive. I venture to guess I shouldn’t be long now. I will write again, to give you more insight into my sudden departure in a few days when I reach the next town.

A storm has just left, and my heart is telling me it is time to go.


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