The Grimoire of Finality: The Gaussian Nebula

An Order of Sorcerers whose decree is to guide humanity to the final days, despite all. In spite of all.

But what of their greatest enemy?

Running out of time.


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I was real late to the draw on a lot of what came out this week, and that’s a big old bummer, BUT, I have one more piece coming out, the short story for this week  Petrichor that I’ll be releasing at the beginning of next week. Until then, I’ve got the next piece of our young prince’s journey coming later today + the next Grimoire of Finality pages coming out either tomorrow or Monday. We’ll see what the real world lets me do about it today. 😉

Lifeis 2019 Schedule Update 3

From Prince…


UD: To Kill a Heart

TKF: Kings of Ages

Awake in a Dream +


Until I see you again, remember.


Life is not meant to be awful.

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