I Still Think (Poetry)

Day 6 of Lifeis+ I’ll be bringing a new poem to you.

Less a poem and more prose, but not even so much that. A collection of thoughts, perhaps.

Be love.

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Week One: What makes you happy?


2019.3.6- I Still Think.jpg



I missed yesterdays post, I woke up with a horrible migraine and the resulting effects kept me locked up in my bed for most of the day. But I’m here, albeit just a bit late, with Day 6. Day 7 will be out later, until then… enjoy.

We often get caught up in what we do right against what others do wrong, and I have been thinking about that lately.

Is there anyone who is restricted from forgiveness and love?

I think not.

If you missed what’s come out so far, you can find links below as well as a full teaser list on the website! Don’t miss out on everything that’s coming this month. It’s gonna be big.

In the meantime, answer me this…

What makes you happy?


Left Hand Misery +

Grimoire of Finality: The Black Crown

Broken Transmission +


Lifeis 2019 Schedule Update 2

Salt + Iron Productions

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