Grimoire of Finality: The Black Crown

Another Page of the Grimoire has been discovered…

Writings located in Dorley, NV have revealed a dark history, an angel scorned and an artifact capable of possessing human souls. Not unlike the Etrium of Bagoth, of course, the nature of this artifact is different than that of the Etrium.

This artifact came from a god…



With these pages discovered, we’ve come to realize something about the nature of death. She said it herself, death is a certainty.

There is only so much time for us. Uncovering the remaining Grimoire pages is a dire need. These pages directly relate to the waking of the beast.

Could it be…?


Thank you for reading today. If you haven’t heard yet, I’m running another campaign this month called Lifeis+ The purpose this month is to focus on you, even though I’ll be dropping a lot of content for you to enjoy, I want to be a steady reminder this month more than ever, that life is not meant to be awful. To do that, I want to give you 31 birthday presents from yours truly. Come back every day to see something new, it’s all going on the blog + on the website… I hope you’re ready.

If you want to see a full release schedule of what is to come, check out the link below. You won’t be disappointed, I promise.

Lifeis FB Banner

Salt + Iron Productions



If you missed yesterday’s post, check it out below.

I was feeling a lot of pressure lately because a local church gave a ton of money to a group, and that pressure came in waves. I felt as if my donations were inadequate, I was angry at them for posting the total of the donation online and I realized that my reaction to it is not a reaction that exemplifies my faith. I was furious, and we can make as many arguments about Jesus getting angry at the tax collectors that we want to, but it just doesn’t fit. Regardless, if you want to see my thoughts on public donations according to the bible, I’d love for you to read and tell me what you think. (There’s also a significant chunk dedicated to the pride I felt for lambasting their choice to my girlfriend and family and how that’s bad. Jesus never said we would be perfect on Earth, he just commanded that we try.)

Left Hand Misery +

2019.3.2- Left Hand Misery +

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