Spirit by Lamplight 1 (Poetry)

I’ve been having trouble sleeping lately, I think I’m becoming someone new. I can hear him whisper to me from the darkness of my room. Praying that I become him.

Praying that he becomes me.

2019.2.27- Spirit by Lamplight 1.jpg


Thank you for reading and enjoying the poem today, I’ve got a lot more coming next month. I’ve taken my step back and I feel refreshed, with a bit of new understanding. I hate taking breaks from the blog and the rest of S+I but sometimes I have to spend more time focusing on my day to day life. Regardless, I’m home now.

I’ll see you at the end of the week, friends.

If you enjoyed this poem, please share it if you’d be so kind! I have nothing to offer in return but my gratitude, but I have a great deal of gratitude.

Friday begins the revelry. I’m taking another break from the Loremasters stories this week, I want to bring better content to you through that avenue, especially next month. So I will see you again on Friday, and we will lie together in the lamplight.


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