The Second Lesson of Magic: Purpose (Bad Rituals 5)

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Bad Rituals (Episode Five)

The Second Lesson of Magic: Purpose


“You remember what she taught you, right?”

The beast licked its lips, sharp fangs jutting from deep within black gums, forcing it’s mouth into a sick grin. Despite the garish smile, however, the demon stood in horror beside its longtime friends, Magnus and his Familiar.

“I remember everything.” The boy quietly watched, as a gentleman with dark eyes crept over his mother’s frail body lying on the earth. He clicked his tongue against the roof of his mouth and blew her a kiss that landed on her chilling body.

“Do you want to go?” The demon looked at him, fighting against the grin it hated showing.

“You’re just an imp, we won’t beat him. Oliver couldn’t even do it. We are ill-equipped.” The Familiar chirped from the opposite side of the bush they hid behind, staring into the blazing hutch that Magnus’ mother had just been dragged out of.

“What did your mother say, Magnus?”

“She taught me, a long time ago, that without purpose, magic is frail.”

“What do you say in response?”

“I’ve found my purpose.”

Both the Familiar and the Imp saw the boy as his body shimmered in the sunlight, his eyes cold and staring towards the man…

His fists clenched in fury.

The students poured into the main hall at Connie’s prompt, each of them scanning the building and marveling at the spectacle of it all. The arcane etching that covered the walls reacted to their presence, glowing gently as they each entered. Detecting their magical ability and locking anything that might escape within the confines of the warding. Each room was decorated with the same etchings, specific to the magus who would be sleeping there. August peered into each of the rooms, inspecting them closely and reading through the runes that Connie had selected for her spell. Work far beyond anything she would admit she could do, and he took note of it on a small pad as Tiki watched him from afar.

“So, what should we do?” Her voice echoed through the halls, calling out to the rest of the class. Outside her own room, she shoved her hands deep into her pockets and waited for a response.


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This week has been nuts. My truck went through some trauma, I’ve been working on figuring out a way to repair it and get a new vehicle in the process, as well as taking some much needed time to rest and recollect my sanity from the rest of life lately, I’ve managed to miss two days in a row!

I wish I could say that was out of the norm.

Regardless, Make sure you vote on this story over on Wattpad if you liked it, and be sure to share it for all of your friends who like stuff like Harry Potter, Fairy Tail, and other wizard-y things. It’ll fit right in. 😉


I’ll see you later today with my catch up post. I hope you’re having a wonderful Saturday this far. ❤

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