The First Lesson of Magic (Bad Rituals 3)

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The First Lesson of Magic


“You are a sorcerer, baby boy.” She traced her finger gently along her son’s bare back as she spoke, smiling down on him as he laid face down, smothering himself with tear-soaked bedsheets. His cloak a bundled mess across the room, covered in scorch marks and charred tatters barely holding on.

“I’m not, mom.” His voice obscured by the sheets of their simple mattress. “You’re wrong. I’m not a sorcerer. I’m hardly able to use magic.”

“That’s because you haven’t been practicing.” She patted his back and stood, moving towards the burned cloak and hoisting it from the floor. She unfurled the thick wool and watched as soot and burnt fabric escape from the gentle waves.

“the first law of magic, son, is control. You must always seek to control your power, and your power comes from your emotion. If you are unstable, so too your magic will be.”

He rolled over and stared up at the ceiling, wondering to himself, if it was worth all of the trouble.

“What’s the point of being a magus anyway. We live out here in the middle of nowhere, this hut is barely big enough for the both of us and we don’t know anyone.”

His mother shot him a disdainful look, hurt by his words. She never revealed that hurt to him, not once.

“How do you control your magic, momma?”

“I remember all that I’ve lost, when the world seems to be beneath my feet. I remember all I have to gain, when I am beneath the feet of the world.”

“And that really works?”

“It does, Magnus. It really does.”



Patton swelled up his chest with a proud air and held his arms wide.

“Look at what we’ve got here baby. Isn’t this amazing?”

Behind him, Connie saw a tall building, what could have once been a school house or a civil compound. It was scorched to pieces, bricks crumbled beneath the weight of the bricks above it and the whole thing looked pressured to collapse at any moment. Beneath her feet, a large courtyard, which was likely once a playground for children. She had read up on the history of the building before they found the Changeling within.

The compound was made up of a few more buildings. All of them in better condition than the charred prison that Patton was displaying still, despite her silence.

“This is what you invested in? Silverforge let you take it for such a cheap dollar because it is decrepit, Marcus.”

He let his shoulders relax and dropped his arms. “I don’t think it’s so bad. Think of everything we can do with it.”

“This will take a lot of work.” Connie stepped towards the building barely managing to establish itself and pressed a hand against it. She felt the erratic movement of every element that made it up. The Earth within the stone rigid and hurting. It was a cursed building. She felt a prick in her fingertips as she ran her hand along the stone, stepping away from Patton with a quiet grace.

“It will. But we can do it together, for our family.”

She smiled at the word. Family.

“Shall we go inside? You can show me the ruined siding and the rotten linoleum within.”


The First Lesson of Magic (Episode Three)

Bad Rituals (Read More)


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