A Royal Wager (Bad Rituals 2)

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In the ages after the arrival of the Snake Devil, the Alchemical Brotherhood was fractured, splayed open like a pig for the slaughter. Those within whose hearts were driven to security abandoned the Monastery, leaving the great serpent and their master locked in a war for eternity. Those who remained went on to become the Witch Kings. Four ferocious Alchemists, with more ferocious power. The rumors of their whereabouts have been relayed over and over, the stories of their conquest roiled across the worlds and pierced the ears of those whom they hunted. The demons rose up to plot against them, the monsters hid from them, and the magus knew that their own time was short.

What came from the crumbling acropolis overtook the underbelly of our world. The face of humanity altered, as magic was allowed a true avenue to reign unchecked by its opposition. Colleges formed, Covens gathered in the darkness, Cults emerged from the pits of hell and new sorcerers were born into the world, a growing threat, a devastating power. As such, the world changed. The Witch Kings vanished, and the Magus reigned for years at the helm of the world. Quietly, in the shadows, they operated. Their existence a secret for centuries, until rumors began to reach them.

Their activity hadn’t been a secret kept well enough, as one by one, the Witch Kings descended upon the magus with terrible wrath, and that wrath incited a war as the Clockwork Angels emerged from the shadows, seeking only to destroy. Led by their Vengeful Captain, Effie the Blood Driver. An alchemist who waged war against all and her devastating force crushed college after college, cult after cult, sending them fleeing into the wilderness, until one day, the valiant leader of the Clockwork Angels vanished, passing on her title and her duty to her most adept student. This provoked a reaction from the Magus, who struck back immediately, locking the two in an endless war that has lasted until today.

As the war raged onward, and no sign of Effie was found, A coven of witches traveled away from Ireland, seeking safety in the arms of a College left standing in America, constructed to train young wizards and witches. An institution that separated them from the unwieldy common magus. The Coven arrived by trade ship in the dead of night, and their approach to the College was met with scrutiny. The Coven Matron threatened to be thrown out, but her desire to save her children, to save her coven, wouldn’t stop her.

When she was cast out, she left with hatred in her heart, determined to prove to the College of Palladia that she was worthy of their protection. That her coven was worthy of their title. She came from a proud line, and as one of two surviving Magus who witnessed the rise of the Snake Devil, she was determined to prove it.


A Royal Wager

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I’ve been having a blast writing this story, and what’s coming is going to blow both of us away… likely in equal amounts.

Sorry, this blog update came so late in the day! I spent most of the day with my mom’s pup, taking him to the vet and such after he had a pretty bad fall. I needed to make sure he was okay before I got to this. I apologize. It’ll be right on time tomorrow, though. ❤

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