Soul of an Alchemist (Bad Rituals 1)

There is a great rumor whispered in the halls of the Alchemists, from the secret clans to the Silverforge Legion there has been talk of a great beast restrained within the resting place of the greatest Alchemist who has ever lived. The Philosopher King’s Grave, located in Ireland, is said to contain a large crystal. To the unassuming human who has not come face to face with the beauty of magic, they would be none the wiser. The monastery still guarded to this day by a prolific sorcerer boy and his familiar. Illusion drawn over the crystal, to hide the shimmering and intrusive eye of the snake. To keep the sounds of its temptations at bay. As the rumor is told and twisted through the years, one thing remains the same.

The center of that crystal imprisons the greatest threat the Alchemists had ever seen, a demonic force which legends say wiped the Alchemical Brotherhood from existence. Their pact was secret and powerful. Their decision final. As the Philosopher King laid claim to the lives of himself and twelve others, The Snake Devil was born. This serpent was fearsome to behold and more fearsome to share words with. Its ability to spin all things for its favor was beyond understanding, and the power the demon held was feared by each of the Brotherhood. Imprisoned beneath the Monastery, The Snake Devil would taunt the Brotherhood and their students, until one day the child of the Philosopher King found the serpent and released its lock using his father’s power. In a final act to put an end to the demon, the Philosopher King sealed himself within the crystal with the demon. The act of which, sealed his power away as well.

Since then, the Monastery has been renovated and changed under the careful guidance of the Catholic Church, who were unaware of the secrets of the crystal held within. The Philosopher King’s legend was passed down by those he left behind, his Queen, his child, and the young sorcerer who made a vow to watch over his grave until the end of time. This Monastery is available for the public to enter, for the secrets of Alchemy are hidden from the human eye. It stands today as a library, a historical site which has been filled to the brim with religious text and spiritual charms to ward off the sinister presence they could not refute. As the renovation continued, some of the priests abandoned their duty. When the project was finished and those who remained were finally prepared to return home. They were showered with riches and praise by the heavens themselves, those who had left before they saw the work through, however, were never seen again.

Even still, on cold nights, in the solarium where the crystal was placed behind thick glass, they could hear a gentle whisper as they laid down to sleep. Some mentioned a faint hiss, others, a deafening scream. But regardless of what they heard, all who entered the chamber of the crystal knew one thing for certain deep down within themselves.

They were not alone.


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The Soul of an Alchemist

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Thank you for reading the first chapter from my new serial story! I’ve had a ton of fun writing this up + I hope you’ve come to really enjoy it as well. It’s been nagging for me to get on the page for a few weeks, so much so that I’m having a hard time sleep because I want to be writing it and building the story for you.

I’ll be publishing it every Thursday just so you know! Every so often Loremasters is going to come with some bonus posts through the week as I come up with more stories to write and more excitement like this.

Until next week, I hope I see you again.

for anything else relating to GME/S+I you can check out the website where I’m constantly updating to include all of the new projects I’ve been working on. I’ll see you there? If you want a more current day to day feed of what I’m doing, you can follow me on social media. (All links below!)

Life is not meant to be awful.

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