The First of the Last (Bad Rituals Story)

Back in December, I wrote a story called Bad Ritual, and what it started as was completely different than the story I presented to you on the blog. But that thing that it became turned into something I am so wildly excited to share and continue to unfold for you. This is the first entry.

I’ll be publishing an installment to this story every week on Thursdays, make sure you stay tuned.

Bad Rituals – The First of the Last (Prologue)


at bad rituals cover-01

“Son of a bitch that hurt, Tiki.”

Curtis gripped his arm, covering a large bleeding gash with his fingers. The ripped skin curling away from the wound.

“Your Imperium could use some work.” A hulking figure called from the sideline of the court. “You have great use of precision, but your power is lacking. The root of that spell is Destruction. Exitium. You should be aiming to shatter his flesh with the root of that ice.” Clay flaked from the figure’s body as he shouted towards the girl, Tiki.

“I’m not trying to kill him, sir.”

“You should be.” The chair beneath the figure creaked and whined as he leaned back into it. “Try it again.”

Tiki sighed and called across the court towards her long-time friend, Curtis. “Sorry.” He nodded, holding his arm still, looking back and forth between her and the figure.

She held her hands low to the ground, crouching and summoning her strength, under her breath chanting a spell. As the words dripped from her tongue, she felt the water from below the earth rise to reach her fingers. The droplets pooled upwards and rested at her fingertips, slowly freezing as they collected. She held the position until her hand was covered in a thin layer of ice.

On the opposite side of the field, Curtis held up his wounded arm and closed his eyes, his palm open and exposed before him, the air pulsated away from it in a circular formation. A gentle breeze pushed away from his hands and sent his hair flickering behind him as he waited for the attack.

The students observing from the bleachers watched the last pair face off, a simple test but one that was crucial. Their semester was coming to a close and their final test was to summon all of their power without tapping into their alchemical training. They had been training and studying underneath Captain Patton for weeks, but he was nowhere to be seen on the testing grounds. Murmurs of why snuck through the group of students as they watched Tiki focus her power into one place.

“He’s choosing to deflect the spell with Air rather than Earth. He couldn’t bear the shock of absorbing the previous attack.” The figure turned to a woman sitting beside him, her blouse tightly wrapped around her body, frills decorated her neckline and sleeves. Large sunglasses protected her face from the sunlight as she watched.

“These students were exemplary in the academics courses. Yet here, they fail every day.” She smirked. “I still don’t think the council agrees with our decision to create this course. Teaching sorcery to these students isn’t in our best interest. Don’t you think?” She sipped from a glass of wine nearly comical in size and watched as Tiki stood.

She carried a funnel of water erupting from the ground, gravitating towards her hands and freezing upon impact as she stood and cocked her arm back as if she were to pitch a baseball. She closed her eyes for only a moment, to focus, and threw the bundle of ice from her fist towards Curtis.

“Checkmate.” She thought to herself. The second blast much larger than the first. It hurdled towards her friend at a remarkable speed, the side facing him forming small points as it sailed through the air, slamming into the force that protected him and redirecting off to his sides as the ice shattered and sprinkled the ground. It melted immediately.

“Class.” The woman called out, setting her wine on the table and stepping onto the field. “That was exemplary. At your state, I’m impressed you could drum up that kind of power out of your magic, Tiki.” The students sitting on the other side of the field gathered around. Many of them ranging in age wildly from 14 to 22, each of the students was there for a specific reason. They showed early signs of mage blood. A concentration of Ether above the standard for humanity.

“The Silverforge Legion prides ourselves on one thing above all others. Our ability to manage our attunement to the elements with a peerless capability. We exist at the forefront of the war between humans and monsters. You children were selected with a new position in mind. Your training to become the first sorcerous hybrid to the alchemical brotherhood is your only goal. Will you see this goal through?” The woman looked with fierce intent at each of the students, a smile on her face.


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The First of the Last



Thank you so much for taking time out today to read this, I hope that you stay around to see where it goes. I’ll be working hard on delivering more story-related content to you every week from here on out while maintaining the original content from the blog.

How did you feel about the story? What makes you want to read more? What doesn’t? I’m all ears.

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