The Law of Creativity (Poem)

This is a short poem, you can also find it at the head of the Gravity, My Enemy page, the guideline that GME was created with.

this is The First Law of Four.

I wrote it, along with the others as a means of reminding myself what I began this path for, and each of them remind me in the dark nights when I hide from phantoms on the dirt roads, what I still travel this path for.

Gravity, My Enemy, or rather, The Firesoul, is the burning force from which I pull my own inspiration and it is the platform I am so blessed to be able to use to spread that inspiration after it is pressed by the forge of my soul.

This is the First Law.



2018.12.26- The Law of Creativity



Thank you for spending time with me today, enjoying my poetry and taking part in my life for even a moment. The sheer joy it brings me is intangible. I am blessed, and I refuse to take those blessings and the privilege that comes with it for granted.

Please consider, if this message touched you today, to share it with your friends.

I’m positively alight with excitement.



If you missed the last blog post + poem during the chaos of Mean for the Holidays, you can find them both below!

Singing Along (Poem) 


2018.12.19- Singing Along

2018.12.21- Hello


From all of this, I hope you have pulled some manner of enjoyment. Perhaps inspiration, perhaps something more. I hope that in the end I always offer you one thing, hope.


If you missed the storm of content that came out of Mean for the Holidays, you can find a full list on the Salt + Iron website. I’ll be rearranging the links somewhat come the turn of the year, but I’ll still be referencing back to it every so often. I have much more planned for you as we begin 2019. For now, I thought I might take a break from the stories for a week. I’ll be back on January 3rd for the Firesoul Ignition.

If you missed any of the prior short stories, below are links to all of them!


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AT Bad Ritual Cover

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