I’m Burning Up

I’ve come to grips with a lot of aspects of my life. I try to face my demons every day and crush them. It’s part of who I am. I have this inconceivable notion that I can always get better. I can be a better man, a better author, a better blogger, a better employee, a better friend, and a better stranger. This idea floats around my head at all hours of the day, promising to curse me if ever I allow myself to fail.

That same notion is the thing that propels my writing, but sometimes it cripples it, too. I like to write if you hadn’t noticed. I’m often a bit wordy. I like to say things just for the sake of saying things. Which is why I get so nervous to release new content. I am overcome by the possibility that what I wrote wasn’t good enough. I am floored by the realization that I didn’t do my absolute best at any given circumstance. If this were a normal blog post, I’d tell you all about my worries in my day to day life, that I’m not a good enough boyfriend or not a good enough son. I worry that I’m not good at most of the things I’m often told I’m good at too.

That’s for another day.

Today, the first day of MEan for the Holidays, I wanted to tell you something I know for a fact.

I might not be the best writer in the world, but I’m the best version of myself as a writer that I can be right now. That fear that holds my work close to me has done a great job of invading my mind. I’ve kept so much closer to home because I’m afraid of what will be said about it. I’ve kept it close because I knew if it wasn’t good I would have to accept that and fix it. I would have to move from my comfort zone and stand up to do something I wasn’t comfortable doing…

Ripping apart my own imagination.

A fire was set inside my heart earlier this year. I wanted nothing more than for these stories I’ve been writing to make it somewhere, to be something fantastic. To reach people just like you.

It’s been months since I’ve come up with the idea, and now I’m here to tell you that the Firesoul has ignited. It’s only a matter of time before it burns up everything inside of me…

…and I’m so excited.

Burning Up - Firesoul Ignition Announcement-01

The Firesoul Campaign has all led up to this. The blog is seeing a massive update, and it will all be finished by Jan. 3rd of 2019. I want to bring you this new content as soon as possible, but I can’t until I get all of my ducks in a row. In essence, Firesoul is unlocking a new category on Gravity, My Enemy.


The Loremaster category is going to be filled with short stories and prose that I’ve been working on for the past two years and will be continuing into the foreseeable future. Along with the Loremaster content, I’ve published an extensive list of changes to the blog itself. I want to make this content as easy for you to view as possible. I’ve taken steps already to provide easier browsing and viewing of the blog but I want to do more, and in doing so, it will take more time.

But it’s well worth the wait. Loremaster has already created something amazing within me, and I’m excited to share it with you. I will have more content for Mean for the Holidays out soon, but for now, check out Unwelcome Visitor or one of the previous blog posts and relax. This season is going to be a ride.


If you haven’t read Unwelcome Visitor yet, I’d encourage you to do so. It’s the first piece of new fiction I’ve released in two years + I am so excited to share the rest of what I’ve been making.

(Part One)

(Part Two)

Happy Holidays, make ’em Mean.


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