Welcome to the Earth.

Beneath us all, there is a structure of living beings organized beyond recognition and carrying out their duties without comprehension of the world above them, coming to the surface to seek food or companionship. Upon this surface, trees grow and flourish in the sunlight, rivers flow through cracks in the flesh of this planet that we share with millions of other living, breathing beings. Yet, above us, lightyears from us, the stars hang in the night sky like holes poked in a black drape, shining light through in the darkest moments we see.

Dyzygy is Earth

Spiraling around space in a beautiful pattern. The way the Earth spins a constant reminder that we are here, and time will not stop for us. So it is up to us to act in each moment.


I grew up in a strange time, where technology was advancing faster than we had ever seen it before, and we were introduced to new kinds of social media outlets and other places to congregate online. Places where we could showcase our creativity and our intelligence, or in many cases, our ability to be humorous.

I’ve often wondered about the nature of our relationship to the digital age, especially after listening to folks my parent’s age complain aloud that it is making humans distant and separate. I’ve heard many tell me that video games are a waste of time and energy, I’ve heard the excuse that information gained online is somehow less valuable than information gained in classes at a college or other educational institution.

I tend to disagree. I think that there is something to be gained from everything, and in that spirit, I created my YouTube channel a couple years back.

I grew up watching YouTube videos of gamers and nerds, I loved the idea that you could eventually get famous and make a living being online. We see it all the time now, but it wasn’t always that way. Over the course of my youth I turned from using the site as a means of entertainment to using it as a means of education and satisfying my own curiosity. I began digging into creative channels who looked at things with a new perspective. I learned what made poetry, I’ve learned statistics and mathematical concepts, I’ve learned how to increase my ability as a writer and a human being and that whole time, I had fun doing so.

The biggest influence on what would eventually become my YouTube channel was this idea that video games were a waste and that there was nothing to be gained from them. I wanted to make a point of that being untrue so I started to look into it more. The funny thing is that…

You can learn from anything.

I admit, I’ve had a rough start to YouTube and I’ve had a hard time keeping up, but I’ll be damned if that means I’ll stop now.

Building Pyramids is coming to an end, and a new year is dawning upon me, and hopefully, you will be there to see the sunrise.

Entertainment does not negate education, curiosity or anything involving the betterment of yourself.

It is possible to have fun, and learn.

Look at things from a new perspective.


DZY Logo 2019

This, the third of the prismatic rings is that of Earth. The Curious Soul. The Life drawing essence: soil. Within each of us, progressing life. With overwhelming magnitude can still destroy. Just in the same way, your thoughts can. Use this magic carefully. Just as you should so choose your thoughts.



Visit Salt + Iron to learn more and watch as these changes unfold…

The black dawn is coming.

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