Welcome to the Flood,

It takes a village to raise a child, a billion watt-hours to power a city and it takes a great deal of work to run a company that you have no idea how to run. The real fact of the matter is that I talk a lot about revival. I talk a lot about bringing the dead back to life and sometimes, I don’t know how much that really costs.

Random Acts is Water.

It flows like time itself, only stopping for a while, to collect what it can before it is pulled down a mountain, through a tunnel, into the sky.


A new year is soon to dawn upon us, and before midnight comes I wanted to come out and talk about some great projects that I never really utilized to the best of my ability. I once thought about all kinds of things while I sat at home and played video games, claiming to run a small business to the people I worked with and spent time with. I touted clothing and books and music and many things that I hadn’t finished. I’ve had plenty of bad ideas and I have had some great ones which went off with a flawed execution.

Random Acts happens to be one of those things. As it was, I didn’t know what I wanted to do with the business or the clothing company. I knew I wanted to make shirts, I just didn’t understand why I wanted to. I didn’t know what end I was meeting by spending hours making half-cocked designs on my old laptop.

Years later, that laptop sits beside my new one, nothing more than an extra face before me while I still think and consider…

I consider the possibilities.

All of the plans I’ve set in motion for myself that I’m sure won’t go off without a hitch. I have thought long and hard about the Revival of a City. This desperate plea from me to do something bigger, something that I didn’t understand. I wanted so badly to be involved in this outcropping of creativity that I never took the time to consider what went into it. I just put things out and that was it. I searched endlessly for a reason or a meaning as to what I wanted Random Acts Clothing to be, and I never knew.

I do now.

I began designing things when I was in my early teens, perhaps before then. I made symbols and sigils that stood for things I hadn’t thought of yet, I made worlds out of clay and people out of ink. I have spent my whole life designing, so much so that it has become the thing I am best at.

Building a world.

I’ve considered the possibility of doing something big with every aspect of Salt + Iron, and it took me six years to put a stamp on it. I’ve reached a culmination of purpose within this year.

I know what I am doing this for.

There is a world to behold within the works I have yet to release, just like my books, just like my music, just like all of my future endeavors… Random Acts is the starting floor for it. Perhaps in the future, it won’t be called Random Acts Creations. Perhaps in the future, it will take on a new shape but until then… The Doctor is on his way.

Wear your love, literally, on your sleeve.


RAC Logo 2019

This, the second of the prismatic rings is that of Water. The Logical Soul. The Life drawing essence: dew. Within each of us, progressing life. With overwhelming magnitude can still destroy. Just in the same way, your actions can. Use this magic carefully. Just as you should so choose your actions.



Visit Salt + Iron to learn more and see the changes as they unfold…

Instagram: @alvatobiasbooks

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