Welcome to the Fire.

A new year is dawning on us, and I have to admit…

In the wake of everything that has happened this year and the last, I’ve come to a realization. The voice that I have can be heard and must be heard. I want to focus hard on that. When I started this blog I was a lost boy who had recently found his path. I want to be that voice to others if I can.

Gravity My Enemy is Fire.

It is going to burn and spread, and it will bring light, to all of the darkest places.


I have had a great time writing this blog, I’ve dedicated myself to it wholly. To my surprise, I considered throwing in the towel this year. Letting Building Pyramids be the last movement I make, in favor of focusing elsewhere. While I was considering the possibilities of a life without this blog I was sure to think back to when I created it. Back at the beginning, where I was at mentally and spiritually, where I’ve gone since then.

You’ll find it as no surprise that I’ve chosen to continue on instead.

It took me five years to truly understand why I made this blog, and Salt + Iron, why I’ve continued to work at this and why I want so badly for it to succeed.

Six years ago, when I began the blog and founded Salt + Iron, I knew that I had an opportunity to do something that I had always wanted to do.

Make a difference.

In the past five or so years, my purpose and my passion have fluctuated and shifted. It wasn’t until September that I remembered what I gave in to this passion for.

It was my calling, and I had no choice but to answer it.

This year will be the best one yet because I’ve realized my reason for being.

I love to inspire and create. I love to think and consider. I love to spin theories and wonder about the universe, but above all…

I love that I have something important to say. I love that one so small as I can have a positive impact on the world around me. Even in times of drought and busy seasons, I know that there is a light that was given to me, and I want the world to hear about it. I want each of you to find that light, too.

So I will write.



GME Logo 2019

This, the first of the prismatic rings, is that of Fire. The Creative Soul. The Life drawing essence: heat. Within each of us, sustaining life. With overwhelming magnitude can still destroy. Just in the same way, your words can. Use this magic carefully. Just as you should so choose your words.



Visit Salt + Iron to learn more, and see the changes as they unfold.


The black dawn is coming…

Instagram @alvatobiasbooks

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