A Bigger Stone to Roll…

To think how often we wish our lives away.

I’ve woken up a number of times over the course of my life saying that my time is not today, it will be tomorrow, or at my book release, or at my future date that I haven’t even figured out yet. It’s funny enough that we constantly wish for something more to push around. A bigger job, a better place to live, a better beer to drink, shit.

You know what? It’s five in the morning. I work in twelve hours, I’ll probably sleep through most of it. My girlfriend is amazing. My family is constantly supportive and I got to have dinner with my buddy and his wife this week. I watched 42 and thought about how inspiring Jackie Robinson was, and still is. I’ve watched the news and I’ve talked to friends about all kinds of things this week. I’ve been doing a lot and I’ve been so. Extremely. Blessed.

I’m working on this book right now, and the theme around it is my own personal fear of death. The whole time, you know the main character is going to die. Out the gate it’s the first thing you read. Yet you will get to experience the end of his life through his eyes, ever single today he gets and I think that is a powerful sentiment. I’m in love with the idea of today and tomorrow, and how yesterday never happened.

I make a lot of wagers on when I’ll make it big and hit the jackpot. When any book I write will sell like gangbusters and I’ll never need a job again. It’s funny, I’m just looking at life like I’m already dead.

I say that, because it’s five in the morning right now and I am so happy to be alive.

This year has been a struggle, for sure. But I’m still happy I’m present. I’m happy to be here. I’m alive and all I have is this today, so it doesn’t matter what happens in the future, it will happen when it happens. If my books take off and I sell a million copies on the first day, I’ll share all of that money with the people who love me. If I never get to fulfill all of the other grand plans I have in my head, that’s okay. I’ll just be happy writing these stories, living with this girl and getting to see my momma every once and a while.

It’s so powerful when you just stop for a second. When you just look at where you’re at, ignore all the routine and monotony you have in your life. You work at 8 and get home and 6:14, just in time to watch the preparatory commercials that lead up to the news. You’ll text Victoria around 7 to see if she wants to do anything, just like you do every Friday night. She’s started to shine in your eyes and you want to spend all kinds of time with her. Eventually all that time turns into “just a minute I’ve got to finish these reports.” Eventually your 6:14 news time will devolve into you scrolling through the headlines on your computer while you check all the text messages you’ve ignored.

Or maybe not, I certainly hope not. Don’t ignore your friends.

Don’t worry about tomorrow.

Take the monotony out of life for a little bit and let’s go hang out. Let’s do something different. We all have these lofty goals for ourselves, we want to make it big or make a bunch of money or get our bedroom cleaned for once. Don’t give up on those goals, by no means do I want you to live in a messy room for your entire life but damn.

Think about all the monotony in your day to day life. Isn’t it wild? How we orchestrate ourselves to these clocks and calendars and all of that?

You know, I learned something pretty cool about Calendars the other day. You know how we have AD and BC? So, the Gregorian calendar was made by the catholic church. Pope Gregory XIII had some guys who redesigned the calendar because the Julian calendar was getting off track, just a little by little, every year. Since the calendar tracks the changing of the seasons, and not the time it takes to go around the sun, we needed a calendar that could fit that track because the seasons changing, and the new year run at slightly different times. The Julian calendar didn’t account for this small difference, so after years of using the calendar then, the first day of spring landed almost two weeks after it was supposed to land according to the calendar date. So, what did they do? They took ten days out of the calendar, which got the equinox realigned with the actual seasons, and for religious reasons it fixed a potential problem, Easter may have eventually fallen on Passover, which isn’t relevant, but I’d imagine that’s probably what started this whole calendar thing.

Now, with that in mind, from the beginning to the ending of the Julian Calendar, there were ten whole days of extra moments in a regular year, because of the leap year that comes across every four years, that leap day in February began adding “days” to the calendar. Not actually, of course, the numbers remained but it began to slowly offset the seasonal shift according to the date. So they nixed the ten days, and in order to prevent that over correction over the years that it would build up, they figured out that every hundred years they remove the leap day, so in 1900, February didn’t have a 29th. But 2000, however, did. Why? Because the removal of the hundred-day leap year under corrected for the shift in days. This would prevent the slippage of the seasons, but it wasn’t enough for the Catholic Church. (Who is surprised? I’m not. Those dudes do everything to an extra level it’s rad.) Because taking out those hundred-day years would have under corrected just a little bit. So, they figured out that every 400 years you need to put the leap day back in. So every year that is divisible by 400 will still have a leap day, despite being a centennial year, 2000 had a leap day, because that 400 year leap day sets the calendar right back on track, which eliminates the shift and allows for the equinox to remain where it should be, holidays will be where they should be and everyone is on the same page.

Some (if not all) of that may have flown over your head, but I really want you to think about the implications. We made a calendar that aligns perfectly with the way that the earth rotates around the sun, and we can always depend on things to be the same when we need them. So don’t you think that pursuing that level of monotony and sameness in your day to day life is a little redundant? To me, it’s like rolling a big rock up a steep hill. No matter how far I get it’s still going to roll back and crush me.

Come on, you can spend a little time having a lot of fun any day you want to, you just have to commit to wasting a bit of time. There’s nothing wrong with that. No rocks are going to crush you and hell, if you’re really worried about making sure you don’t miss the news tonight, just remember…

You’ll get a chance to watch it again in 400 years, there’s a whole day there that was just given to us for free. To keep things intact. It doesn’t take much to break your routine, and I recommend you do it every once and a while. I promise it’s worth it.

Live for something bigger than your own routine.

Build a car.

Write a book.

Paint a mural.

Redesign the calendar.

You’ve got nothing but time to spare, don’t you know?

Speaking of things I’m getting rolling. I hope you check out the website. It’s going through some rolling changes to prepare for 2019 and the next movement, as well as a few projects ya boy is diligently working on. (In between some WoW time and watching rad movies with my lady.)

I’ll see you again on Tuesday, I’ve got a new YouTube video out then, It’s gonna be rad. 😉


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