The Worry of the World Turning

Currently I’m writing through a novel and during it there is a scene between the main character Elias and his grandfather Leo that I wanted to talk about in my blog today.

Elias just returns from a failed date and in his frustration he seeks out his grandpa who is his sounding board and one of his best friends, wherein he confesses to his grandfather that he feels lost and scared and he doesn’t know what to do next in his life. He is afraid of taking the next step forward and doesn’t know anything about the next place to go. His grandfather compares that scenario to when he and his wife put in their satellite television receiver. For three days their TV would only display static because the damn thing was installed improperly. They had to call the provider back to get it fixed and finally be able to watch some damn football.

He compares that situation to Elias’ in that, Elias is using his fear as a motivator to run. He constantly fills his time with senseless activity without giving it a purpose. He listens to the radio, he plays video games, he cleans and whatever else he can do, but he chooses to do them without motivation. He sort of ambles around like a zombie and lets all of these things pass him by. I think in the long term everyone is guilty of this, it’s kind of like running on auto pilot. We just go through the motions of whatever it is we need to do and we forget to perceive the great happiness that can be found within our everyday tasks or duties. In my experience, this most often is associated with fear and the worry of the world’s turning. However, those things have only the power we give to them.

What I mean by that is that people often run to the monotony of life when there is a grand amount of pressure. I have put off working on this novel all month because I have been too stuck in all of the other stuff happening, my work schedule is hectic, I’ve been working on a DnD campaign that saps a lot of time, plus trying to see my parents, my girlfriend and my family regularly has been a kick in my ass. So I’ve avoided doing the meaningful things for fear that I will not take meaning out of them. Much like Elias I am trapped in a never ending cycle of “What if…”

This analogy represents all of us because instead of doing what we need to do to get the static off our screen we are content to flip channels and let the noise ease our minds. The blinding white flickers on the screen make a perfect distraction in the way of progress and we should look at that as a failure on our parts. I say that with such strong words because when we go nowhere for no reason, we are bound to fail. Failure, to me, is not an option. I will succeed regardless of the pressure put upon me.

So, I wanted to leave the alternative here today in a short post. Spring break is around this time for most this weekend here, so enjoy your time off and make sure that you live life like you are in a movie.

Everything is meant to be captured and lived passionately. Don’t turn into static because you are afraid of silence or shifting scenarios. Those things are just as much a part of life as we all are.

Embrace them, you’ll thank yourself later. I promise.

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