Year One: On Writing a Good Story (2014.1.31)

A lot of people think that just because you are a happy person, that you are no longer allowed to be sad. Period. I disagree. Sadness, like Happiness, is a habit. It will grow and grow until it consumes you. I don’t think that people who are literally happy 100% of the time are mentally stable. You are supposed to be sad about things. You can’t be happy when someone dies, that isn’t how your emotions were designated to work. Much like the rest of life, whether or not you are happy is a give and take.

Things are constantly happening to us, every moment of every day. It’s a process that creates our emotions. Your thoughts about how things happen will yield different results. Personally, I am happy about the book that I am writing. The book makes me sad because I began writing it before I had lost communication with someone that I loved dearly, it reminds me of the good times that we had, which makes me happy, but it also serves to remind me that the chances of me having those good times with that person are slim, which in turn makes me sad. That sadness about that specific topic leads me to hopefulness that I will come across someone that I can spend time with like that who will make me feel the same way that she did. Which makes me happy.

All of those thoughts came linked to a book. Now, everybody isn’t a writer, and not everyone has a book that they’re writing in a literal sense. That doesn’t mean that we each aren’t weaving our own stories as we get up every day. you make choices to feel things, whether it is intentional or not. So many people let their sadness control them, they don’t know that they are in full control of their mood. If you’re writing a story with your life, write it in an interesting way. Nothing is interesting about people who have no conflict. Now, take note that I don’t mean conflict to be fighting or pressure against someones plans, or anything one sided. I mean anything that stops you from being stagnant.

The emotions that a human uses are dynamic. They are always changing. There are so many more than just happy and sad, too. In writing, conflict is important. there has to be something that gets in the way to propel a story forward. Their full range of emotions, just like yours, will be exploited by the time their story is over. Don’t be sad that you’re sad. Sadness is good, it means that you are alive. I’m sad ever single time I work on my novel, which is almost every day. I want my character to portray it, and I want those reading this and (hopefully) my novel to see it too. There is a balance however, no conflict can be so big that it stops you in your tracks. The same goes for characters in stories as they do in real life. Your story will have conflict, but your desires will overcome it. Don’t get sad about your sadness, because it is a habit, and it will destroy you. Instead, make a habit to become happy. Make happiness your reflex. In any good story, when the main character wants something, they will go to get it, unfortunately it is a guarantee that something will get in his way, if the story is a good one.

Write a good story

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