Bubbles (Year Three)

Days come every so often where I forget what I’m doing. I let slip the ideas inside of my head that started this whole business and this blog. I lose sight of my goals because of some new temporary problem that rears its head. This happened not so long ago, I began feeling a heavy weight before I left for Oregon to see my best friend get married. The morning I was preparing to leave, a handful of complications reared their heads and I broke down.

I did then what I do always, I went to visit my mother. I explained how stressed I’ve been and how I feel as if I can’t deal with it all and she told me something that set my sights back where they need to be.

I needed to find bubbles.

See, her and her best friend Melody had this thing between them about bubbles. In the classic Sonic the Hedgehog games there were underwater levels where you would drown if you stayed in the water for too long. You could stay under the water for longer if you found bubbles that would float up to the top and suck in all the air.

She told me this and told me what that meant in the real world. Finding bubbles is easy if you’re looking for them. No matter your situation, there will always be a handful of moments that bring you joy and excitement. No matter how deep you get, there will always be bubbles.

She told me sometimes you get them from walking through a drive through, from finding cool rocks, you get them from a long hug or from an inspired joke. You can find them everywhere, and she gave me a good hint… They are especially prominent on the beach.

So I took that grain of knowledge and left for Oregon. I’ve talked about the trip a lot this month, because I needed it so badly. On the way to Oregon I took a handful of stops to take pictures and to experience the world around me. I found a nice rock on top of a mountain that I took a pee off of, because I found bubbles there.

Indecent as it might be, there are few things better than standing at the summit of a mountain and watching the entire world of problems beneath you that you are just pissing all over. It was inspiring to me, in a strange and awkward kind of way.

When we had made it to Coos Bay, I crashed with Torre and his camp out behind a hardware store. We talked and drank and enjoyed our time together there, as you know now. The following morning, there were bubbles everywhere. In the morning fog there were bubbles. In the bakery there were bubbles. I picked Jess up and we went to meet Travis and Gage at the airport. There were bubbles there, when I saw Gage and gave him a big hug there were bubbles. When I saw Travis there were bubbles. When we checked into our hotel and began playing Magic: the Gathering there were bubbles. We went out to 7 Devils Brewery (Highly recommended by the way.) There were bubbles. Our server gave us bubbles. I got them from the shirt I bought and the 16 year old scotch I shared with Travis. There were bubbles as we walked to a convenience store and Torre found his grandfather’s favorite beer. There were so many of them everywhere. Bubbles in the sky, on the ground, in the sea. We saw bubbles when we met up with Eric, Preston and Allison and walked all over the city looking for food. There were bubbles as we caught Pokémon. They were there when we accidentally ran into Travis’ father in our hotel. They were there the next day when we set up for the wedding. They were there in greater numbers than I’ve ever seen when I watched Travis nearly collapse at the sight of Cassi on his wedding day. There were bubbles when I gave my speech as the best man. There were bubbles in the good and the bad. The awkward dance I asked for when I was half drunk at the reception. There were bubbles in the face of Torre’s younger brother Taydan as he wept watching Travis + Cassi’s first dance together. There were so many in such a great number that they clarified something for me.

Those little moments are always here. No matter how stressed or how broken you feel… find those bubbles. Suck in every drop of air that you can and breathe. Everything is going to be okay. I promise.

Where there are bubbles, there is water, and where there is water there is a current. Those currents never stay the same. Neither does your life. Just let it flow. I promise you, no matter how much the river changes, there will always be bubbles to suck in. The weight of the water will never crush you as long as you remember to breathe.

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