Two Sides

Thanks for all the fun this month! I’ll be back with another throwback this coming monday, and then a whole new set of rad blogs for you to feast your eye holes on.

From the Polar Bear King to you, live well.

It’s no secret that I don’t like the sun much.

Well, that’s not entirely true. I love the sun for what it is and what it does. I am forever appreciative that the being who designed me also considered putting a big ass lightbulb in the sky so I wouldn’t have to write in the dark all the time.

More specifically, it’s sunlight that I find frustrating. I don’t like the way it burns my eyes when I’ve been up all night and it thinks it can just shine through my windows and wake me up whenever it damn well pleases (generally early as balls in the morning.)

But I appreciate the sunlight for what it is.

It illuminates the darkness and it lights up our path. It helps the plants to grow, which allows the bees to fly about and do their business, which gives us a ton of fantastic stuff (chiefly among them honey, cause holy shit, honey is God’s food I promise you.)

Still, I prefer the night. I’m a bit of a vampire. I wake up when the sun is nearly set and I am rarely found in the daylight, once the moon is alive and singing above me however I come alive. The difference in my attitude and life between the night and day is nuts. I’ve grown accustomed to chugging out all of my work in the late hours, burning the midnight oil and waiting for the sun to rise before I retire to my nest.

Many of my friends are the opposite, they wake up at eight o clock sharp and pour themselves a steaming cup of coffee so that they can sing sings with the birds going out hunting for their children. These people and I are dramatically different in when we operate and how we live, but it doesn’t change that we are close.

As the day exists, it needs the night. Our earth would burn up if the sun was the only thing shining and we would freeze if our sun was always hiding.

Different as night and day, some of us can be. I have friends that are like daylight. Bright, eager and shining always. I have friends like myself that are the night time. Somber, joyful and calm. There is no correct way to show happiness.

If you are pleased with your life, if you are excited to be here, whether you are night or day, red or blue, white or black, creative or logical, I am so happy that you are here. Thank you for standing in this crowd nearby me. With all of these bright lights around, you’d think I would grow accustomed to the sun.

We spend so much time trying to put ourselves in hidden categories based on silly things. Politics, religion, ideals, sports teams.

I am a non-partisan Christian, who wants to be able to smoke pot every once and a while without being pigeonholed as a stoner and I also want to root for the Ravens and the Celtics. I also want to be with my friends who are Dodgers fans, who are atheists, who are liberal or conservative, who worship pasta and believe marijuana is the final nail in the successful man’s coffin.

I revel in the differences between you and I. I want to bring as much enjoyment out of that as I can. What is the point of having so many people around me if I can never learn from them? If all I did was slept and hid away in my room to write blog posts about the things I know too well, you’d stop reading and you wouldn’t care anymore. I don’t want that to happen. I’d much rather you and I sit down over a pint and talk shit about the World Series and communicate how we feel about Capitalism. Maybe we could spark something up, I don’t know. Incense, some 151. Whatever suits your fancy, I’m here to learn.

What I’m trying to get at here is that, I’m cool with everyone man. I’m tired of having people think I dislike them just because we are different. There’s no joy in hatred. Why would I waste my time with it? Everything I do serves a purpose, whether it’s standing outside on a rainy day or serving beer to the assholes at table 31 cause nobody else wanted them.

Night or Day, what is the difference?

Our lives are as long as they are short and I want to make every moment I can a party, with you. Were all experiencing this deal together, let’s have some fun, just a little bit differently.

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