Our Ribs Are Cages (Year One 2014.2.28)

I woke up earlier than I anticipated this morning, which was probably the world’s way of telling me I’ve been sleeping too much. I woke up and rolled around on my bed fighting off the urge to go back to sleep, trying to convince myself that I could just stay in this not asleep, not awake limbo. It only lasted for a while. I decided that it was pointless to try and fight it, so I rolled off of my bed and started the day against my will. This morning I found out that last night after I got back from my errands, I drank sour milk without realizing it, I’m almost out of toothpaste and then my eye started hurting. Two years ago, that would have been enough things that had gone wrong that my day would have started off on the wrong foot and I would’ve let myself complain the whole rest of the day.

Not anymore.

I don’t believe that I have anything to complain about, period. No matter how bad things get, I was blessed with an incredible life. If I happen to die after posting this blog I think it would be an appropriate last one. I want them all to be good “last” posts, because I can’t guarantee life. I can only live the best one that I know how. I want to impart the things I know to others. While it isn’t much, I know how to live a good life. Its something I have been working on for a while, because I think its important.

People have fought over this for years, trying to justify it with religious ideas, or spiritual ideas. People have called it a lot of different things, and they have ignored it in the vast majority. They’ve put slogans on T-shirts and coffee mugs, and posters in downtown New York City. It’s simple really, the secret to a happy life is to love people. Love them regardless of their faults, and the things that bother you about them. Just love them, that’s all the matters in the end. I want to do that. I try really hard to do that, too. I think so at least.

People act like life is this huge mystery and we have to spend our days trying to figure out why we’re here. I think that we are here to love people. That’s all. Beyond any religious, or spiritual or scientific idea I have, I think that loving each other is our whole purpose in life. I mean really loving them though, not like a performer “Oh, come out tonight and show me love.”, or a person overusing its meaningfulness to make it meaningless. “Oh I love her/him. They’re great.” “I love the way the rain smells.” I won’t lie and pretend that I don’t use love in ways that I shouldn’t. I just love. That’s what I want to do,

Love is what makes me happy.


That being said, I’ve given you the secret to life. This whole crazy existence that springs up and grows and dies all around us is beautiful, and if for one second you don’t notice it, millions of blessings slip right between your fingers. It is love. Love is so much more than a feeling, or a verb. It is a real, almost tangible thing. When you look, you can see it. You can feel it inside your very bones.


It shakes you.

Truly loving anything will shake you to the core. It might terrify you. It might not. There is a good chance that truly loving anything is the most dangerous thing that you can do. It exposes you. So many people only truly let themselves love a handful of things throughout their whole lives and not to make it sound bad but I don’t want to live that way. When you love a lot, you get used to your bones rattling and after a while, love rattling your bones doesn’t scare you anymore.


There is a picture that I found on the internet that says “Our ribs are cages, because our hearts are wild.” and I find this easy to believe. Everyone knows that love as an emotion comes from your brain, but love as a lifestyle comes from somewhere within your soul. It is this powerful wave of emotion, and feeling, and action. It is almost impossible to explain. That is the very nature of love.


It turns pain into glory.

It turns weakness into strength.

It turns fear into excitement, and all of this into love.

It is one of the only things in the world that multiplies itself like that.

Love has the power to turn bone rattling earthquakes into comfort.


If you are one of the people who tells me “I can’t be happy with life like you are.” or maybe, “I don’t understand how you can act like you do all the time.” This is why. It is because I love, with every cell in my body I want to love.


I say I love everything, and I do. I try to at least, I think that it’s important. Love is important, it is the thing that holds this whole universe together. It keeps us from spiraling into madness and allows us the privilege of knowing one another. Every person I have met in life has been a mix of good and bad things. When we love them, it makes the terrible things they have done, or that have happened to them seem a little less terrible.


If you feel alone right now, like you just can’t go any farther, or that you’ve already given everything you have to give… I’m here to tell you that you’re far from done. You have a whole life to lead, and you are getting close to the end. It doesn’t matter how old you are, or what shape your body is in. Your life is happening, right now. I don’t want anybody reading this to waste another second of their time doing anything but loving other people. You don’t know when they will be gone, you don’t know when you will be gone. So take the time right now, to call those that you already love and let them know.


So right now, stop letting yourself believe that you don’t have a say. Stop letting the ground shake around you and terrify you. Life is yours to live. So rattle your bones and love, with everything you have. Love until your skeleton dances along with all of the tremors that life gives you.

I hope you enjoyed this peek back to the past, if you did, consider picking up my Life is not Meant to be Awful Vol. 1 compilation featuring this + many of my other blog posts!


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