Corpse Party

Lay down in the grass, so it’ll cover our heads. We can’t let them see us. If we do. It will spell disaster in broken fingers and leaking entrails. You know they are there, if they are. It is easy to see the faint blue-white glow on their faces in the midst of the night time. If we hide beneath the horizon line and continue to push forward we won’t be taken by the creatures. Their arms outstretched, but never releasing the tools that killed them. Rigor mortis clutching them slowly as they amble around. I make it sound like they can actually see you, that’s not entirely true. While the punishing grip of their vast demanding media may have paralyzed their minds and is beginning to cripple their fingers, but their eyes still move.

The way they dance back and forth, from one side of their sunken cheeks to the other every so often… Like they are scanning subconsciously for some way to get away from the curse they have put upon themselves. Still, they won’t turn their backs on their plastic Gods. The hollows don’t know the difference between real life and video. It is for that reason that we must run. Each of them were once like us. Born into a catastrophic world in which we have to control over. They were pulled through hoops by the forced hands of fate and they stopped fighting it. They allow the things said to remain uncontested, even if the words that are being spouted are untrue. They thrive and devour the gossip. A delicacy that has fattened them up. We watched them, once. A small group and myself. They ambled around a park that was once filled with the laughter of children. Those children are gone now, perhaps left to challenge and demonize a new target. The corpses shambled across the browning grass with their arms in front of them, the lights between their fingers lighting up their cheeks in the falling light of the setting sun. They didn’t see us, and if they did, they didn’t care.

I think that is the true danger presented within this new creature. There within them lies a laziness. A missing piece of them that they abandoned long ago for more internal storage space, something that begged them to be concerned. You can see it within yourself if you look hard. It has been many days since I have ventured out into the open world for entertainment. I used to spend time in the sunlight with friends, pleased at the nutrients that our star blessed me with. I didn’t think about anything else while there. I was with other, living beings and that was all I needed to survive. When I would retreat back to my home, or cave, I would only nestle in briefly to share and event or to spread words that would hope to inspire. That habit grew more dominant though, as days passed. I would gaze within the crystal face sitting in the palm of my hand and flick my thumb across it, amazed at the places we have gone as humans. It wasn’t until one day I realized… no one really wished another for a happy birthday unless our eyes were glued to the crystal screens. Our fingers which once moved dexterously to send inspiration, or love, or hope, remained typing sure, but slowly let click away the passion that they once held. It was as if we had grown bored with the magic we had been blessed with.

Then I noticed it as I was seeing the world through this small telescope. Viewing the lives and the struggles of one another through a slanted, curved lens. I simply swiped up and down, my fingers never clicking out a message. My hands never drawn to tell another living, breathing being that I love them or miss them or want them to be happy.

That was when I really understood what was happening.

It was a toxic gas released at a party. This whole world has been targeted, because we are easily deceived. Just watch those that move through the beauty of the world around them without even noticing, the mountains that tower above them like stone guardians. The clouds that bubble above them and release nourishment upon the ground. The tall grass that we hide ourselves in, we are not noticed.

We are not noticed, and we are the ones with the power to change this. Look at the corpses, notice them in turn.

Do not become like them.

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