Collapsing In

This is the final poem of January, and it is also my favorite of the bunch. I try to make sure it is apparent that I have strong beliefs, especially when it comes to my faith. Living in a world where people can’t seem to agree or get along with one another especially if there is a difference of belief can be stressful, you lump that in with the stress of running a blog, a YouTube channel, and working alongside writing books, it can be easy to crumble under the weight. That being said, I believe now and have always believed that there is an all powerful God looking out for me and my well-being.

2017.1.25- Collapsing In.jpg

Thank you for reading my poems this month. I have been working on them much harder this year and I am excited for where they will be going in the future. Thank you for reading along this far. If you would like to see the schedule for the upcoming blog posts/poems on Gravity, My Enemy you can check out the LINMTBA website and see what I am releasing when I am releasing it.

Don’t miss it! My book “Mean Shadows”  is available on my website if you’d like a signed copy, or if you’d prefer a blank one, you can pick it up on Amazon. It is a compilation of 26 short stories that all have to do with the universe I have been writing into for years now, and the characters you meet within the pages will be important to know for the upcoming books as well. I hope you pick it up and find grand enjoyment out of it. (It’s also got a secret language you can decipher if you want to find even more secrets about my universe.)

Looking for more? follow me on Facebook and Twitter for updates on all of my other projects. YouTube, Poetry, Novels, and GME. Thanks for another super rad month of poetry!

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