Wanted: Information

This poem is a short piece that I wrote quickly to encapsulate some of the feelings I have about my generation and how we have embraced technology.

2017.1.18- Wanted Information.jpg

Thank you for reading this poem. I hope that you enjoyed it! Make sure to tune in next week for the final poem of January “Collapsing In” about how we sometimes fall apart and that is okay.

If you haven’t heard yet, my book “Mean Shadows” is available for purchase now! It’s a compilation of 26 short stories that touch on a range of topics, all of the characters you meet within the pages are characters you will be reading from my works for the next while. If you’d like, you can pick up a signed copy at my website or alternatively you can pick up a blank copy from Amazon!

If you want more frequent updates on all of my projects (such as my poetry, YouTube, or writing, you can follow me on Facebook and Twitter to see what is going on inside my big world.

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