This year carries a lot for me. A lot of things will come and go this year, like every other one before it, but this time somehow I feel more in tune with the world around me. I have a clear goal and a set of accomplishments that I will succeed in no matter the cost, and I am so excited for that. As a “New Year’s Resolution” (I say it in quotations because I don’t like the mentality of resolutions.) I am going to write one poem a day this year, regardless of length or topic or how it comes off, I will have 365 more poems to show for my days by New Year’s Eve 2018. Some of them will likely be uploaded here, because I want to bring you all into this challenge too. I want to grow my abilities and breadth of knowledge as much as possible. Especially when it comes to something as fun as poetry.

Anyway, here’s a poem about a trip I took.

2017.1.4- GB.AL.jpg

Thank you for reading this poem! Please share and let your friends in on the fun. (Especially if they need to hear what I’ve said. If my work helps one person then it hasn’t been in vain.) Be sure to check back next week on Wednesday to see the upcoming piece. “Memories in Hairbands”

For a full schedule of blog posts, you can visit and under the Gravity, My Enemy tab you can see the poems/blogs to be released every month. Sometimes they change, but usually they don’t.

My book “Mean Shadows” is available now! If you’d like a signed copy, you can order one from my website. Otherwise, you can pick them up on Amazon too! (I am currently waiting for the stock of books to replenish here, the hard working folks that print my book are binding a new batch as we speak! So if you order a signed copy, expect some delays. More info on my website.)

For more poems and fun stuff, (As well as a great big secret project I’m working on to be released NEXT WEEK) you can follow me on Facebook + Twitter @alvatobiasbooks!

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