Happy New Year Everyone! Welcome to 2017. 🙂

Though this year has been an emotional rollercoaster for me, I have come out of it on top. By that, I mean that I have fought fears this year that I never thought I would overcome at all. I have stood up for the things I believe in and I have found my purpose. Of course, I also came to understand that I put more work into my mind than I can replicate with my hands, especially at this time of my life. I have had to make sacrifices in my business and personal life that I didn’t want to make and I have had to make some damn hard choices this year, but here we are. The end of 2016.

Avoiding the fact that year numbers are just a construct that we have invented and really don’t mean much, this has been a rich year. I have experiences pain and sadness with a gravity I couldn’t replicate to you here, but you have walked by my side if you’ve read the blog every week. For that I want to say thank you. I have reached a place of peace which I wasn’t expecting to find in the middle of this life of mine.

I talk a lot about my books and my work, and frequently people tell me that I take on too much or that they don’t understand how I’m capable of doing what I can do. To be honest with you, I have no idea. I just kind of go, and keep going until I decide I need to eat or go to bed. I work hard because work should come before play. That being said, sometimes it can get difficult to keep working can’t it?

It’s a struggle sometimes to keep my momentum going, especially when my mind is racked with emotions and I need to feel them before I step back up to the plate. Through all of the work I’ve gotten to do lately, it came around a period of listlessness and melancholy. There were more days today than I would like to admit, where I just sat around not really caring to do anything other than lie in bed. It was as if my head was a tombstone.

I was dead underneath but at least people could read my responses to things still. I just stopped caring about all of this there for a while. I won’t necessarily blame that on this year, it’s just a year and the whole “2017 better be better.” Argument won’t do us any good. (especially if we continue to sit on our asses and not do anything to make our situations better.) But I managed to scrape and claw my way out of that nonchalant hell.

I have always been proud of my ability to feel things. Even things that shouldn’t matter to me, like the death of a celebrity. I remember bawling when Robin Williams died, I remember the sadness hearing about Michael Jackson and then about Prince. I feel things. It’s what makes me such a dedicated writer. I feel these powerful emotions and I want my peers to see those things the way I do. It’s why this blog still runs, it’s why I base all of my other writing off of real life too, but sometimes that part of yoru brain can die a bit. You just get beaten by so many emotions and feelings that you can’t keep up. You and I are only capable of so much, and that is my point today.

As 2016 comes to a close, I want to lay a hand on all of your shoulders and tell you one thing that is so important.

You don’t have to do everything. You can slow down. You can say no. You can take breaks.

There is nothing more important than doing this with passion like a fire, but we should all take care not to let that passion burn down the whole countryside.

Thank you for reading with me all year. I have some great projects in the works for next year, but this is the last you’ll hear from this blog in 2016. I have loved and hated writing so many of these posts and I am excited for next thanksgiving when I get to put them all in a book for you.

For now, I hope that you all look around at the people you love. Never take a second of that time for granted. Always, always, always love the people you love and make absolutely sure that you let them know. We don’t know how long our timers have left and there is nothing worse than a story with no ending. I love you all, now go get ready to celebrate the new year and think about all the brilliant things that happened this year. There was a lot of terror and sadness and anger, let us be sure to turn those things into positives come Sunday. I am going to make it a point to bring love and joy to as many people as I can next year, I hope that you will do the same thing. Thank you friends, don’t let your passion rot in a coffin.

Life is not meant to be awful.

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