HIMYM Series 47: Win the Belt + Tell


In episode 47 of HIMYM, The gang is encouraging Ted to go for “the belt” with two women at the same time. This episode is more of a funny filler episode than anything else, but it does leave us with a nice lesson at the end when Ted doesn’t reveal to Barney what actually happened with the girls at the end of the night. Much can be inferred from the scene, but we as the viewers still don’t have the answer.

I share a whole bunch of things on this blog with you. How I feel, what I think, what I’ve done and who I am are almost totally transparent. You all know if I am having a good month or a bad one, you know personal things about me that I’ve brought to light and you know a handful of stories about who I am as a person as I grow and change into the person that I want to become.

That being said, you still don’t know everything.

I write a lot of horror stories and books. One of the main “rules” of writing horror is that things should not be out in the open all the time. There needs to be a bit of mystery because that is what makes a horror story scary. The same can be said about real life, in a way. I can bare my soul to someone and tell them every single thing I have done, the good and the bad, the wholesome and the selfish etc. but without leaving some things to myself for a while, the excitement from getting to know that person will eventually fizzle out entirely. So on this blog, just like in real life, I leave some stories out. There are things that I want to bring up and tell you/them all about, but there are also things that are deeply personal and things that I hold on to because of what they mean to me as a person. I’m sure that someday, someone will hear those stories but it is not this day. After all, I have to keep some of the mystery alive between us, right? Leaving you craving for more. Just like a good horror novel, just like life.

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