Scythe Hips (+ Small Announcements!)

Before we get into the poetry today, I wanted to give an announcement regarding my other poetic/story work. I have been working diligently on writing poetry and expanding my abilities. I recently looked back on some of my older stuff and laughed because it was so poorly constructed. Thank you for bearing through that. As time goes forward, I’m going to be releasing more poetry than just on the blog. A handful of them going out on my Twitter + Facebook pages, as well as Tumblr + Instagram. You can find all of these pages @alvatobiasbooks and I would urge you to follow them if you’d like to hear more!

Second on my list of stuff to mention, I am working on a full spoken word poetry album in my spare time to bring to you. I have brought it up before, and I will likely bring it up again. The same friend of mine that produced “No One Told Me” (Bryan – Coastal6 on Soundcloud) is helping me with the music and I am excited to release it. I have pushed back the date so many times, and I am giving it one more push so that I can get these songs built up and recorded to the best of my personal ability to give you something magical to put into your head. Until then, please enjoy “Scythe Hips”

Regarding stories, I am in the process of compiling a compilation of short stories that I will be talking about at length after NaNoWriMo has passed this year. I would be honored to see you on the other side of November and at the base of Year Four of this blog: Noose Ends. I will be uploading a video soon in preparation for Noose Ends as well, to give you all an explanation about what is in store for you during the year of 2017. I’m so happy to be here.


Only twelve days left! Don’t miss this Friday’s post “Mapmaking”

Life is not meant to be awful.

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