HIMYM Series 44: Blue Noise on a Pink Beach


This is the final installment in the second season of HIMYM. Thanks for listening as far as you have. Even if I can never (actually never) post a new blog post when i’m supposed to, I appreciate that you continue to read and follow what I do. Thank you friends. (This was supposed to be up last week but I got lazy and distracted. Oops.)

In the 44th episode of HIMYM. We get to watch Lily and Marshall’s post wedding adventures and the conversations and build up for the following season, one of those including the news that Ted and Robin have broken up but chosen to keep the news a secret so that they don’t interrupt their friend’s wedding ceremony with their own problems.

This was one of my favorite episodes for a long damn time, because when I watched the show for the first time I was so emotionally invested in these characters that the news of the breakup actually hurt my heart to hear.

It’s a weird concept, relationships.

This show did a fantastic job of highlighting the ups and downs of what couples go through, speaking from the perspective of a dude who doesn’t have the damn time for a relationship on my best day, it’s been enlightening. Not because I’m forcing fiction into my reality, but because it’s made me pay attention to the relationships I see in my day to day life. HIMYM has made me watch my friends who are in love, and my parents, and those around me who have separated or divorced or broken up to see how things changed.

It will always hurt when someone you loved doesn’t love you anymore, or vice versa, but there will always be a light. That’s an important thing to note. No matter what happens, keep looking forward and remembering that life gets better. It will be 100% okay. One day you will wake up and you will realize that you are more in love with the person beside you than you were the day before. You will realize something important about yourself too. If you happen to wake up alone, you will look at yourself in the mirror and realize something life changing, you don’t miss that person anymore.

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