HIMYM Series 43: For The Borrowed Bride (S02:E21)


This blog is also late because I can’t seem to get my act together. Hey, I’m trying. The good comes with the bad, right?

In the 43rd episode of HIMYM, it goes over Marshall and Lily’s wedding day. Therein closing a chapter that has been open for two whole seasons. Over the course of the wedding there are plenty of things that go wrong and the countless problems end with the couple getting married outside with their friends before they go in for the full wedding ceremony.

Weddings are generally beautiful. They also generally don’t go the way the planners hoped that they would. There is obviously a lot to take in about a wedding ceremony, there is tons going on and it all circles around the lives of two of your friends tying the knot through the act of love.

There isn’t a lot that’s more beautiful than that, especially when you consider both members of the wedding family. Even though things at the wedding in question might go horribly awry, know that you can still make it beautiful. A friend of mine has told me about her wedding with her first husband, where plenty went wrong and things didn’t go exactly to plan and the couple ended up being wed in the rain.

Still, that wedding will be remembered by everyone in attendance for years to come, because instead of crumbling under the pressure of what could have been a distaster, everyone rolled with the punches and came out on top.

At Travis’ wedding, we had joked that if Travis didn’t show up, his fiancée would just move down the line. If Travis was absent she’d marry me, and so on and so forth until there were no more men left in the wedding party, which she would have likely just moved through the crowd until a man stood up. I dunno, it never got to that point because we were sure to see Travis to the ceremony.

That being said, there is a comfort knowing that the people around us love us enough to bring us into something that is that passionate and beautiful.

Life is like that too.

It’s the wedding of everything. The good, the bad, the painful and the glad. Every single thing you and I go through is wed with one another. Every bad day will not come without good moments. Every good day will not come without some bad. That is the fate of life. We are cursed with both ends of the spectrum, but it is a curse I wouldn’t live without because it reminds me every day that things will never be bad forever.

I could have the worst day in recorded history and still go to sleep with a smile on my face, waiting for the honeymoon of happiness.

That’s some real love, there. I love life. I hope that you do too, for all of the good and all of the bad. We need it all and I hope that you grow as you see it come to pass.

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