27 Minutes

Time is not the boss of you. You can manipulate it if you want, but it is hardly worth it. There may only be one or two seconds gained. Instead, allow the world around you to flow and learn how to flow with it.

I often make the joke with my friends that I run on “Alan time” where I will be exactly 27 minutes late to everything I set out to do. Late to meetings, late to hang outs, late to parties etc. My friends have learned for the most part that this is something that they have to accept. Try as I might to move faster, something will always happen to slow me down. When they are with me, they are slowed down too and they know this. Because of this I try to be ready at least a half hour before I need to be for whatever task that I need to be a part of, especially if it is time sensitive. I have taken this lateness to my heart always and it doesn’t bother me anymore. While I might be rushed some days, I know that it doesn’t really matter. I will arrive precisely when I need to, regardless of the situation.

Because of this, many things change in my life. I have been far too late to thing I wanted to be a part of. One time, I was sick as hell and had been talking to this girl for a while, knowing I had feelings for her I decided to put down my purse and ask her out on a date. I got out of my bed, coughing and sniffling and walked to her house down the street to ask her out. She then told me that she would feel awkward about it because she was seeing someone else. Someone who had also asked her out that morning. I returned to my home so pissed that I could only lie back down and go to bed. I later found out that if I had said something to her just a few days before, I would have been the one dating her. But that isn’t how Alan Time works. She was wonderful, she still is, but I have learned through all of this time that if I didn’t make the move a half an hour earlier, then it wasn’t something I needed to do.

Another time, I was late to find a partner to try out with so that I could get into Choraliers. I was freaking out outside the choir door when a friend of mine stopped by and asked if I needed a partner, that she hadn’t found one either and that we could go in together. There again. If I had been on top of it I would have gone in with someone else. I perhaps wouldn’t have been as confident. I wouldn’t have had my act together and I might have missed out on Choraliers altogether because in the time I spent waiting to be called in, my nerves had spiked and then immediately fallen back down. I don’t know what would have happened had I gone in still shaking from anxiety.

This brings me to Coos Bay, something you will hear a lot about this month. It was the 19th, just after the rehearsal dinner when we got a text from Preston and Eric saying that they had just gotten to their hotel with Allison. We invited them over to our room and we talked and caught up. Preston voiced that he wanted to go get some food and instead of standing up and going, we sat around relaxing for another half hour or so. We then stood up and started walking towards a McDonalds a few blocks away. We reached it and found that their lobby was closed. Instead of walking along, we tried to walk through their drive through. When we got to the window, the woman working wasn’t going to serve us and told us to leave, so we crossed the street on our way to Burger King. There we were denied once more. The drive through cashier wasn’t having any of our shenanigans and we were forced to keep walking. Eventually, we found a Subway that was about to close. We sprinted into the building and Preston ordered food with Allison. After they got their food, some of us started walking as Preston sat down on the steps to eat. He enjoyed his sandwich and we waited for him before departing back to the hotel.

On the return trip we were all joking and laughing about life together as we played Pokemon GO and listened to the calm slap of the water that was beside us. Soemone had put a lure up at the pier, so we paused for a moment to catch some pokemon we might not have had before we continued on. Eventually we hit the road once more and finished out long walk back to the Red Lion. Once there, Preston told us that he was going to head to the hotel to get some sleep, so we parted ways and as we passed the lobby on our way to our room Logan and myself noticed a man inside the lobby that was pointing at us. He looked so familiar, but I didn’t know why. I looked at him and back at the boys as Logan got Travis’ attention, assuming it was one of the guests checking in late for the wedding perhaps.

Travis turned and as he did, my mind finally made the connection that it needed to. Travis’ jaw opened wide and he sprinted inside the lobby to meet the man. Gage and Logan asked who it was and with a dumbfounded expression on my face, I replied…

That is Travis’ dad.

We all ran inside to greet him, some of us to meet him for the first time. We caught up and shared hugs and I sat beside my best friend as tears filled his eyes, knowing for one more second of my life that my time related curse held up once more.

If we had been even five minutes sooner or later, we would have missed him. There was someone out there watching out for us that night, someone that knew we would need to meet up with Levi and smile and laugh with him. We did, and it was wonderful.

It reminds me that time is not a force we can alter. There is no use in moving it forward or backward, there is only purpose in passing it alongside people that you love and making memories that you can cherish forever, even if you are 27 minutes late to the event, you will always be on time for the memories.

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