Just Off 5th St. (Poem)

This week I’m sharing a poem a bit differently. This is a section of a spoken word poem I’ve been working on for a couple weeks that I’m intending on releasing next year or maybe this year, I dunno. I have’t decided yet. Regardless, it’s about growing up and living in Elko + how it has affected me, listening to all of these other kids my age complain about how shitty Elko is really bothered me when I was younger and now that I’ve grown a bit, I’ve decided that it isn’t that the town is shitty, it’s just that they yearned for something more. I began to feel the same way and that’s how this poem came about. I’ll be moving out of town here soon but I still have a few things I want to do before I go. Until I pack my bags, enjoy this poem + share it. Tell your friends, especially if they don’t like their home towns.

2016.9.7- Just Off Fifth Street.jpg

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