HIMYM Series 41: Battery Operated Friends (S02:E19)


We are nearing the end of season two of HIMYM, which is one of my favorite seasons of the show. It really set up the longevity behind every plot point that came up afterwards.

In the 41st episode of HIMYM, Marshall and Ted plan Marshall’s bachelor party and Barney demands that a stripper be there, and eventually ends up bringing a stripper to the party regardless. While this is going on, Robin is stressing over Lily’s wedding shower gift and ends up purchasing a handy tool for self-pleasure, and after seeing the other guests at her party she gets nervous and switches the name tags on the gifts with another one, leading to Lily first thinking the gift was from her grandmother.

Getting married is a big deal, often times you want everything to go a specific way, the wedding itself, the bachelor/bachelorette party etc. and a lot of people fall into the rut of managing their time/activities versus the tons of guests and people there to see your wedding weekend.

I’ve spoken a bit about my best friend’s wedding already, but I had this episode on my mind while it was all playing out. Life is kind of a mixed bag. We all have these lofty goals and ideas that built up in our heads. I was stressing for months over the bachelor party and praying that I found ways to make it memorable for Travis, all of my other plans that I had made fell through save for dinner. Once we made it up to Oregon and the dinner reservation was upon us we made it to the restaurant and had a good time together. There was nothing else that mattered in the end besides that we were together as friends.

That brings me to the final scene in this episode, where Marshall is pissed off at Barney and threatening to not invite him to the wedding. Lily explains that one night after seeing how broken Marshall was, that he flew to San Francisco and asked Lily to come home, she ended up being the reason that he had. Which prompts Marshall to give Barney the title of best man.

It’s a reminder that we can’t always assume that we know a person. I’ve dealt with my fair share of people I didn’t like because of personal values or ideologies that they wouldn’t shy away from, but like Barney and his strippers, somewhere down there rests a character who cares for and loves his friends more than anything else in his world.

That’s the most important thing to remember.

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