HIMYM Series 40: Close Trees (S02:E18)


We are nearing the end of season two, which means the series is about to take off. I love the back half of this season because it is when the lives of the characters really shine out. That being said, it’s when things start to get incredibly emotional as well. I hope that you’re buckled in because the upcoming installments will be a lot more close to home.

In episode 40 of HIMYM, Ted is moving forward with his plans of moving out with Robin. This leaves Marshall and Lily alone in the apartment, which they think is great at first. After a while, they realize that they miss him terribly. Robin and Ted get into a big argument because she doesn’t have room for him in her life.

I haven’t been a roommate for a long time, but I can already see the pros and cons. It’s been difficult for me to keep up on my work because I’m constantly tempted to go game or watch movies with my friends because I can hear them, and that is super frustrating, and on top of that you have to learn to deal with other people and their idiosyncrasies. Still, as frustrating as it can be at times, living with friends is a great experience that I wouldn’t trade for anything. I know that I have people to back me up and be there for me. I wouldn’t have that as readily available if I was alone. We all might get on each other’s nerves every so often but at the end of the day, we are tight and we love each other. It’s a special kind of bond that I’ll miss if I ever end up living on my own.

That being said, the entire dynamic changes when you go to move in with a romantic partner. There is much more at stake when you room with someone you are dating. Of course, it all comes back to people and their personal limits. If you can handle a great range of different personality types you could do well to live with others. Perhaps that’s the secret to life.

Being able to deal with things.

Really, roommates and life have a lot in common. There will be frustrations, there will be good days, there will be terrible days, but still, at the very end we are growing together and there is nothing more sobering than that.

We aren’t always finished products and that is okay. We just need to remember a few things. We are sharing this earth with one another, we need to learn how to accommodate and to deal with problems when they arise, and don’t worry… They will.

Silence is the worst option when frustrated with a roommate, it is also the worst option when frustrated with a peer. Talk things out, make sure they know how you feel, but most importantly… never bottle things up.

We are growing together.

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