HIMYM Series 39: Mystery Bygone (S02:E17)


I’m sorry that I lied. I promised I’d keep my act together after all of the late blog posts and then immediately was late on blog posts. I’m sorry about that. Here it is, my bad.


In episode 39 of HIMYM, Marshall and Ted are about to turn over the Fiero’s odometer to 200K miles, but they land in a pothole and it breaks down with only 0.8 miles to go. This leads the group to reminisce about the life of the car while waiting for it to be built up at the shop. They talk about all of the memories that they have built up together while driving around the car.

They go over how Marshall got the car, how Ted and Marshall were trapped inside the car during a snowstorm. Robin and Lily took it to get Chinese food and spilled it in the car. How Ted tried teaching Barney how to drive.

I have always loved vehicles. Granted, I’m not much of a car guy but I still hold fond memories with the vehicles my friends and I have owned. One time I got my head smashed in my friend Gage’s passenger door as I was trying to get out, Jess closed the door on my face and I spilled my stuff all over the parking lot. There was another time in my truck that I had gotten stuck out in Lamoille with a couple friends. I’ve driven that damned machine around Elko for hours on end just talking and sharing my mind with friends. It has meant a lot to me and lately I’ve been thinking about all of the good memories I’ve had in Mystery. I’m considering getting a new vehicle, one that is better suited for my life and one that runs a bit better.

Our life comes to a lot of unexpected turns. There will be a lot of changes in course and you won’t always end up where you thought you would. I assumed I would own a big van painted like the mystery machine and I’d run around town with my friends getting into trouble for years. That isn’t how things played out, and that’s okay. They don’t have to go the way we think they do, we just have to remember that for every mile, we enjoy the ride.

I hope that you appreciate your vehicles. Make sure you fill them with memories, good ones, before their time is up. We all have a clock. Every car, every person. Make sure you fill up with good memories for yourself too, not just your car.

You never know when this road trip will come to an end.

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