HIMYM Series 37: The Smallest Things… (S02:E15)


This is the third of four! Only one more that will be up in about two hours. 🙂

In the 37th episode of HIMYM, Ted and Robin miss a flight to Chicago for a job interview and they think back on the situations that landed them in that position. By the end of the episode, Ted realizes that he was the root cause for him missing that flight. He picked up an old penny, sold the penny and bought Robin dinner, as they were walking home they passed a dress shop, Lily wanted Robin to camp out with her. Robin stayed up all night and needed to nap at the apartment, so she headed over and saw Marshall rubbing Vaseline on himself and giving himself compliments, she startled him, he broke his toe. Barney ran his marathon in his place, his legs stopped working, and Ted jumped a subway turnstile to get him off the subway leading to Ted getting a court date and missing the flight because of court.

I have often wondered is my life has ever been a near miss like that. When I was younger, I was dead set on moving to Portland, OR. As I’ve grown older and experiences have come and gone, I realize I’ve missed a handful of opportunities to jump ship. Because I haven’t done that my ideals and my life has taken a series of different turns than they would have with me being elsewhere. I wonder sometimes if there is a reason that my plans get delayed. I wonder if there is a little butterfly flitting around behind the scenes and making sure I keep myself together. I don’t know for sure, but I do know that it has taught me something important.

This life is a series of bumps and sometimes pitfalls. We can’t expect to have everything under control all of the time. Our decisions today may affect us in radical ways in the future. They come as tiny choices we make that will have a lasting impact on our futures. Instead of sitting here trying to plan out every waking breath, I want to remind myself and anyone else here who wants to listen that we should stop trying to plan everything. Stop letting the idea of destiny get in the way of our day to day lives. Live how we feel we should live. Don’t let the idea of destiny consume you. Instead, live with it and flourish in the changes of scenery, the changes of pace, and the changes of conditions.

This life is a garden, and it never looks the same.

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