HIMYM Series 36: Pizza Hut + Pig Skin (S02:E14)


This is the second post that I missed! I hope that you’re enjoying my game of catch up + are excited. There are still two more posts left for you. 😉

In episode 36 of HIMYM, the group spends the whole day avoiding the Super Bowl because they were at a funeral instead of watching it the night of. This leads to all five of them getting caught up in a bunch of shenanigans and inevitably leading to all of them finding out the score of the game save for Ted.

There is a lot of ceremony when it comes to my group of friends. We have different things that we do as a group, and for me personally there are a handful of things that are a big deal. One year Jess, Travis + I went to Pizza Hut to watch the Super Bowl and we’ve done it almost every year since. It became a quick tradition between us. Of course, it isn’t one that we’ve taken really seriously as most of us have to work during the Super Bowl. Still, the tradition stands inside my own head.

At the end of the episode in HIMYM, Ted becomes discouraged after finding out that everyone had the game spoiled for them. In one of my favorite moments in the show, the gang shrugs it off and remembers that The commercials are new, the wings are still good and the beer still works. So they watch it anyway, despite having their “tradition” ruined for them.

I love this because it echoes the reality of life once again, something that this show is incredible at doing. Things won’t always work out. Things will get screwed up. People will make mistakes. Your plans will be foiled, but as long as you have good friends, good wings and good beer, everything is going to be okay.

You may not remember who played in the big events twenty years from now. You may not remember what you got so worked up for, but I know for myself, I’m always going to remember the times I spend with my friends for what they are.

Good wings, good beer, good friends, bad laughs, and a group of people that I love more than anything in this world.

It’s a reminder, life isn’t about the moments that we come across. It’s about what we make of those moments.

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