HIMYM Series 35: Building Us (S02:E13)


This post was originally going up on the 29th of last month, but was delayed because I don’t know how to read a calendar. Oops..

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In episode 35 of “How I Met Your Mother” Ted is faced with firing his previous boss, and Marshall is put through tribulation when Barney finds a nude painting of him in the apartment.

In our lives, there will be great days and there will be bad ones. Sometimes we are faced with difficult decisions, such as removing someone from our lives or situations forcibly. It’s hard to not sound like the bad guy in saying it, but things get so much easier when you cut the bad fruit off of the tree and allow yourself a happier environment. That being said, it doesn’t make the problems any easier to deal with.

If you’re faced with someone in your life who is causing you more headache or heartache than you can manage, there is nothing around here saying that you have to keep them in your life forever. There are reasons to cut people off of your life, that’s okay. Sometimes it is necessary. That doesn’t mean that we should turn over on them and berate/insult them or spread lies about who they are. There is no justifiable cause for slander. If you’re in that position today, just breathe in deep and consider what your life needs. If you realize then that you will be healthier after some toxic people have been cut out of your life, then by all means do it.

It is just like all things in our lives. We should do it with kindness. Losing a friend or coworker is never easy. Don’t make it more difficult by adding slander and lies to the mix. If the end goal is to make yourself better, neither of those things will contribute to it.

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