The Summer of Love

This was originally the final post for July, but I was caught up doing all kinds of stuff instead of actually working. (Wedding, a surprise trip to Salt Lake City, Travis came down + surprised everyone, and then I moved into a new apartment. oops.) Sometimes life happens and I still have to learn to work around that, but I’m getting there.

This is the first of two missed posts for the Friday series “Fighting Dragons” If you’d be so kind, I will have the next installment as well as this Friday’s post out for you by the day’s end!

This month one of my best friends got married to the love of his life, in August, my best friend is getting married to the love of his life. A while back, my mother’s best friend renewed her vows with her husband and today my heart is filled with love for all of this. This year has definitely been a hard one. With all of the death and the pain that has been swirling around us it’s hard to stay focused on the little lights that shine all around us.

I’ve had a hard time staying focused, if that hasn’t been obvious. I’ve been under a lot of stress and I haven’t known where to reach out to get my ass in gear. I’ve been switching living situations and jobs and trying to keep all of my ducks in a row but sometimes it just doesn’t happen that way, and that’s okay. That’s okay because I can look at this summer and remember it for what it has been.

Despite all of the pain and fighting in the world and within my group of friends, despite everything that has stressed me out to no end, despite the things that have brought me down I have gotten to celebrate love so many times with my friends. I have gotten to be there for the first dances, the wedding parties, the stories of love that come dripping out of their mouths like honey. I have been there for all of it and I cannot forget those moments.

I think a lot of us fall into a kind of funk, where we get so caught up in our own lives that we forget what is going on around us. We get trapped in these ideas that tell us we are the more important side of an argument. We listen to these little voices that tell us that whatever we are doing is the only thing that matters. We listen to the whispers inside of us that tell us we aren’t good enough, that we are too weak or too dumb or too slow, and we obey them. I know, for me personally at least, that those little voices can easily take over. It is no time at all before I feel the weight of those words.

I’m thankful for the place that I am in, and the group of men and women who I have chosen to surround myself with because all of them, whether they know it or not, have an influence on my mentality. I can look at them and know that I love them. I can see that they love their significant others and I can see a bond between us all.

I’ve touted time and time again about my friends and how important to me they are, but I’ve never really gone into detail.

Those men are my family. In so many ways they are my brothers and I love them with everything I have, so I know deep down, no matter what season it might be or what fight or beef might have come up that I will love them all regardless.

Things change pretty quickly around here and soon some of us will be moving on and trying to go to better things, wives and kids, better jobs, better locations, and I’m so happy for them.

Today, remember that things will change. The little pestering voice in your mind can tell you all of the bad things about you that it wants, but it doesn’t mean that it has any control over your actions. Listen to it and let it move you. Watch your friends and let them move you. It’s easy to become jaded and bored today. Don’t let yourself be those things. Find what you love and chase them with all of the passion that you can muster.

There is no greater gift in this world than love.

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