Gift Giving, The Christ-a-mas Miracle

I apologize for the lateness of this blog post! The past couple weeks have been absolutely nuts between a friend’s wedding and two back to back trips to Salt Lake City I haven’t had that much time to breathe or to sit down and write.

Everything has been wonderful though, This trip was needed for me. I got to go and spend some time driving, and if you know me at all, that is where I feel the most at home. I come up with some of my best stuff on the road. Some of that stuff you’ll be seeing soon! 😉

When I was in high school, I would regularly get up early and meet my friend Quinn to ride our bikes to the school. This practice eventually folded out into the summer time and we would wake up early to just ride around Elko because it sounded fun to us. One day in the middle of June, I woke up bright and early as the sun had just barely begun to peek his sleepy face over the mountain tops outside my bedroom window. Quinn was already down in my driveway waiting for me. I woke up, threw on some jeans and booked it down to my garage to get my bike. When I rolled the garage door open I saw that it was snowing. In the middle of June there was a quarter inch of snow on the ground in front of us. Quinn and I, excited, decided to go ride in the morning snow anyways. We called it a Christ-a-mas miracle, at an attempt to be funny. We changed how we pronounced the words because the letter “A” wasn’t supposed to be in the word. Just like the snow wasn’t supposed to be falling in the middle of summer. We enjoyed our day and by the time the sun was all the way up in the sky the snow had stopped falling. By 3 p.m. it had all melted away and the temperature peaked up to regular summer levels. Still, I’ve held that memory for years. Though Quinn and I have gone separate ways and our lives have taken many different turns I still think about him in June. Christ-a-mas was a special day for us, for no reason in particular. I’ve considered a few times breaking it out to my group of friends today but I don’t think they will hold it in the same regard as Quinn and I did.

This story about Christ-a-mas brings me to a few days back at Tomato’s. I was serving this table of older ladies for lunch and they were telling me about this book they had just finished reading in their book club. They told me it was a terrible book from a great writer and asked if I like the author at all. It was T.C. Boyle. I had never read anything of his before and I told them that. I began asking questions about what kinds of books they liked to read and we had a nice chat about it, eventually I revealed to them that I am a writer myself and they began talking to me about my books. After a couple of visits they handed me the novel they had just finished and told me that I could keep it because they wouldn’t be reading it again. I’ll be picking it up to read soon, to see if it was as bad as those ladies thought that it was. That isn’t an important part of this story though, the important part is that it was in the middle of June. This year I was given a Christ-a-mas gift without even realizing it until I had gotten home. It was a nice sentiment, because it reminded me in some small way about how life is supposed to be. We should look forward to the things that are out of place, and we should take note of everything that doesn’t seem as if it fits. Those moments of confusion and awkwardly placed snow should be meaningful to us because of what they symbolize.

This life isn’t meant to be dull and all about hum drum day to day things. Sometimes you have to ride your bike in the snow. Sometimes you have to read a “bad” book and not understand it. That’s important, I think. You don’t always have to understand your life, it makes it easier to love all of the uniqueness that revolves around it and around you. So, I hope you find a “bad” book today, I hope you read something different. I hope you do something different. Spice up your Christ-a-mas holiday this week. Do something that you wouldn’t normally do, if people ask about it you don’t have to tell them. They don’t need to understand it, as long as you stay healthy and happy, being weird is okay.

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I love you all, Life is not meant to be Awful.

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