HIMYM Series 31: Slap Bet (S02:E09)


Dropping a great big SPOILER tag here before you get in too far. I wouldn’t want you to ruin moments from the show for yourself! If you haven’t watched the show but would like to, please go take care of that first and then come back to this blog post and enjoy it. It isn’t going anywhere, I promise.

In this episode of “How I Met Your Mother” Ted and the gang find out Robin’s biggest secret, in the midst of trying to uncover her deep rooted hatred for malls Barney + Marshall make a slap bet with each other to see whether or not Robin either a.) does porn or, b.) is married. Once the secret is out about her superstar status, the slap bet is on.

This is one of my favorite gags from HIMYM + is also alongside the “Robin Sparkles” arc of the show which ties into many of the huge plot developments that happen later in the series.

The thing about this episode is that you spend nearly all of your time watching it believing that Robin actually was married/did porn in Canada, and it isn’t until the end that you find out the truth. Along the course of the episode those ideas are built up in your head so much that it’s a wild idea that it could be anything else.

This happens in life too. I know that I find myself believing things that I don’t actually have the facts about for a long time before the truth eventually comes out.

It’s easy to get caught up in the ideas that we brew inside of our own heads. I’ve become proficient at it, when I hear half of a story I ruminate on it for hours on end and turn it into something that it isn’t. It’s a curse that comes with being so into my own head all of the time. That spiraling thought process is what pushed me to begin writing again in the first place. I’ve been in that position where Ted is, questioning where I should go next because someone isn’t who I thought they were. Later on, the full truth was revealed and it was nothing like the ideas that I had conceptualized inside of my mind.

That brings me to the message and the important note I’ve taken away from this episode. I should remember that I don’t actually know everything and many things are slighted. It’s impossible to be unbiased within the confines of my mind, so I need to take things out of the box every now and then. I need to remember that I don’t know it all, and if I don’t have all of the facts laid out in front of me I need to wait before assuming or judging or thinking things through. It’s pretty easy to flub a situation when you let your own thoughts take over. That’s why it’s so important to talk to people. To be a part of their lives. To say something meaningful. It’s powerful. It’s special. It’s necessary.

If I ever say otherwise, please slap me in the face. I would deserve it.

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