HIMYM Series 26: Alva Tobias, Author (S02:E04)


This series goes over the television show “How I Met Your Mother” episode by episode. If you don’t want the series spoiled for you, please look away now + come back when you have watched it. In other words, this is a great big SPOILER tag. I’ve wanted to be sure to post these in each episode now so that no one is accidentally led astray.

If you haven’t read last week’s installment, you can find it here!

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The 26th episode of “How I Met Your Mother” Ted and Robin get into their first big fight, and in the meantime Barney is trying to convince Ted that girls think Architects are hot. This leads Robin on a goose chase and she begins believing that Ted is cheating on her. During the chase she begins to evaluate herself and comes to the realization that Ted is cheating on her because of how she had been behaving in the relationship, only to realize that it was Barney who had been masquerading as Ted for the whole night. This makes Robin realize that she is acting “crazy and jealous and paranoid” and for a brief moment she has doubts about being in a relationship. Afterwards, she goes to visit Ted who was really at work the whole night, and apologizes to him.

In this episode, there is a lot to look at. How we as people form these ideas inside of our heads and evolve them. How there are plenty of things we just aren’t good at. There are plenty of others that we can explore, when we do, however, it will be later in the series.

Today I wanted to talk about confidence.

The whole adventure for the episode starts off because Barney is using Ted’s real name to impress a pair of girls in Maclaren’s Pub who Ted had been chatting up out of curiosity. He remarks that “the whole architect thing works” and bids Barney a goodnight.

The premise is this; that you can be anyone doing just about anything and approach someone with the right state of mind and attitude and they will respond in positive way.

It’s a big lesson I’ve had to take about my books and my blog and literally anything I create for other people to consume. When people asked about “The Darling Bones” I usually started off with “It’s kind of lame but…” when I should be approaching the situation an entirely different way.

It’s one of those moments where Barney shines through as a good friend. (There are a lot of them. Despite how slimy he can be.) He wanted to prove to Ted that confidence is everything. For example… I have a friend that I was close to back in high school who was often awkward and reserved, she didn’t believe in herself and the abilities that she had. Since then she has moved out of Elko and has completely revitalized her life. She approaches her art + her attitudes with a great deal of confidence and it has completely changed who she is as a person. It’s amazing to watch happen because of knowing the girl way back when who was quiet and didn’t speak unless she was spoken to, who was afraid to geek out over the movies and books that she likes. All it took was a bit of self-worth and her entire attitude changed.

I want to take a page from her book, from Barney’s book, even with the sullied pages.

I think it’s important to note how much simple confidence can affect us positively. All it takes is a few words in the morning, a simple change of posture, maybe you’ll find a musician that you really like and it will change your outlook. I don’t know, those things are all up to you.

From one awkward bundle of person to the next, I hope you find your… “Ted Mosby, Architect.” I know it’s out there, even if you have to build it yourself.

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