HIMYM Series 25: Alone at Brunch (S02:E03)


As I did with the previous HIMYM Series Post, I want to make sure you know that this post contains a bunch of spoilers about How I Met Your Mother, meaning that if you don’t want the episodes spoiled slightly, please don’t read. I’m more than happy to hear you come back after you experience the show for yourself. Please do, in fact, because it’s amazing. (I wouldn’t feel compelled to write about the entire thing if I didn’t think it wasn’t, though.)

After you’re done reading, if you have any comments or ideas for things that you’d like for me to write about I’d love to hear them. Leave a comment on this blog about a movie, television show, manga, comic, musical piece, artist, etc. that you’d like me to check out and I will get to it as soon as I can!

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Episode 25 of HIMYM is about Ted’s parents coming to New York to visit, and also to meet Robin. During this trip a number of things happen. Marshall and Lily begin fighting, Ted’s father hooks up with Wendy the Waitress and Barney strives to impress his mother, Virginia, as well as Ted’s parents putting pressure on Robin and Ted’s relationship. All of these things coming to a head one day at brunch, where things get kind of out of control.

Life gets crazy sometimes. There is a term called “Sonder” which means “The realization that every person you pass by is living a life just as intricate and complex as your own.” It’s easy to get caught up in your own stuff in life. You’ve got your job and your hobbies and your family to deal with, some people work more than they see their friends (myself) while others don’t work much and spend all of their time partying or being with their family.

It’s easy to get caught up in life, and it’s important to balance all of the importance that we find.

Something I personally deal with regularly is diving into my work and not spending much time with, or talking to my friends because I’m constantly neck deep in word processors. This leads to a radio silence from me and on the odd chance that it keeps up, I’d eventually lose contact with everybody. Not because that’s what I want, but that’s what would end up happening. Sometimes I just get too caught up in my own thing. It’s rough going, but I still try to manage time spent with them.

The focus of this blog is to illuminate those things within myself. I don’t want to be so caught up in my own life that I forget to share the big things with my friends. .It’s o way to live. I want them to be the first people I call when good things happen. I want them to be there for the big moments. Forever. We’ve come this far, and I hope they understand that this writing gig is something I have to do. I’m not trying to intentionally distance myself from anyone. I just can’t stop. If I stop, I’ll lose my way and to be honest, these past few weeks I’ve been trying so desperately hard to hold on I don’t’ know what a skipped day of writing would do to me.

Sometimes you get caught up, sure.

Just remember that you have friends out there that love you and are always willing to drag you back to shore. If you feel like you don’t have one of those friends, then start thinking of me as one. I’ll hang on to you for dear life, I promise.

Then we will go to brunch and talk about everything. We will spend some time together and laugh and cheer and smile.

This life is made up of a lot of tiny moments all connected together with emotions and feelings and thoughts. I’m blessed to have the group of people around me that I do.

Because even when I feel lost and confused with all of these crazy ideas coming to light and crashing the world around me… at least I know that I’m never alone.

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