Little Robots

The post for this week should probably be on my Monday series, but that’s okay. It’s here. I’m happy with it. I hope you’ll be happy with it too! It’s about little robots and only slightly less little alien cat men.

…oh, and really, REALLY, big guns.

Not too long ago I went to go see the new “Ratchet and Clank” movie with my mom. I have had a ton of free time lately and hadn’t been out with moms in months so it was a nice time for the two of us to spend time together and watch something that played a huge part of my childhood. As we were watching the movie, which was based on the game that came out years ago when I was just a kid, I remembered why it was so important to me.

See, if you haven’t ever played Ratchet and Clank I’ll give you the short rundown, it’s about the final surviving member of an alien race that is a cat humanoid and his dreams of being a hero. He works in a repair shop for space ships and robots on his home planet, and one day, a defected warbot lands on his home planet. This defected warbot tells Ratchet that there is a huge danger coming to the galaxy and he needs to warn a group called the Galactic Rangers. This launches Ratchet and the robot, which he names Clank, into a huge adventure and by the end of it Ratchet and Clank are considered heroes to the entire galaxy.

I loved these games when I was a kid. They were filled with huge guns, inappropriate jokes and a full story of adventure that I myself had craved for so many years. In the movie version that was just released, the story is changed slightly as Ratchet goes to the Galactic Ranger tryouts instead of just jumping into the danger himself. After he returns from the tryouts, he is heartbroken because their leader, Captain Quark, tells Ratchet that he isn’t cut out to be a hero. It’s a bummer of a scene in the movie because we connect with Ratchet, especially those of us that played the games when we were kids. We want for our furry hero to save the day and we know that he can, he just has to figure out how.

Shortly before this happens, Ratchet is seen speaking with his boss about trying out and his boss tells him something that we have all heard some version of in our lives.

“You need to dream smaller.”

When Ratchet returns, heartbroken at the result, he admits that his boss was right. Despite all of the fire that is in his heart and how much desire he has to be a galactic superhero, Ratchet really falls into the thought if only for a second, that he needs to dream smaller.

I loved the movie, I have loved the games since I was a child. I’ve loved them because they fight this exact train of thought.

Why should we dream smaller? So we don’t feel hurt or let down when our plans don’t come to fruition? That doesn’t make any sense to me. I’ve never been on that ship and I never will be. As Ratchet learns early on in the movie, it’s easy to lose hope. It’s easy to feel like the project you’re working on is just too much for you. It’s easy to get riled up about something and find out that you aren’t quite cut out for it. It’s easy to be let down.

I’ll be the first one to tell you that it’s hard to make your dreams come true, no matter what they are. That doesn’t mean that we should stop trying. See, somewhere out there, there is a little robot who has a purpose too. That little robot is going to crash land on your home planet and change everything for you. When the two of you come together, you are going to become a hero. I promise.

That little robot could be any number of things, the right job, a lucky break, someone who inspires you every day, a group of people who will support you in what you do, so on and so forth. It could be everything you are looking for, and you never know when it’s going to land. If Clank never showed up, Ratchet would never have gone on to accomplish his dream and he would never have saved the galaxy. We wouldn’t have the R.Y.N.O, the gadgets that he has become so familiar with, the companions that he has befriended. Ratchet wouldn’t have any of those things and we… we wouldn’t have a story like his.

You are a story to be lived and appreciated. Your dreams are real and they are valid and they are so important. Please, do the Clank inside of us all a favor. Don’t ever, ever give up on your dreams.

Maybe all it will take is that little robot crash landing on your planet for you to find what you are looking for.

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